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The Catamount Pictures Producers are a group of television and movie producers. They are first employed under the HBC Network in the Season Five episode "It Hits the Fan", and later under Catamount Pictures in the Season Eight episode "AWESOM-O".


Following the broadcast of Cop Drama in "It Hits the Fan" (where the word "shit" is used once in one of its episodes), the HBC directors are impressed with the ratings they received. As a result, the president decides to broadcast more shows that uses the word more frequently. During filming of the The Drew Carey Show, the crew was stopped by the Knights of Standards and Practices, but the president asserts his decision on the use of "shit", and begins uttering the word repeatedly, which results in the awakening of Geldon. The dragon is eventually defeated, with the president regretting his decision.

In "AWESOM-O", two producers, who are having a meal at Le Catamount Bistró, discover a robot named A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000 and decide to use it to generate new movie ideas. One of the producers, however, also tries to sodomize the robot, assuming that it was a "pleasure model".