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"Cat Orgy"
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Episode no. Season 3
Episode 7
Production no. 307
Original airdate July 14, 1999
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"Sexual Harassment Panda" "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub"
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"Cat Orgy" is the seventh episode of Season Three, and the 38th overall episode of South Park. It originally aired on July 14, 1999.[1] It is set on the night of the same meteor shower as "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" and "Jewbilee", utilizing interlocking story elements.


While all the adults are gathering at Mr. Mackey's house to watch a meteor shower Shelly Marsh is left to babysit Cartman.[1]


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Cartman is acting out the movie Wild Wild West with his toys in his room. As he is playing, Liane comes in and tells him that she is going to a meteor shower party. She shows his babysitter, Shelly, around the house and explains that Mr. Kitty is in heat. After she leaves, Cartman starts to boss Shelly around but then he was quickly put in his place, telling she is now in charge while Liane's gone and she would invite her boyfriend over.

Cartman is angered by the violence that Shelly displays and how she orders him around instead of him. He tries to attempt calling his mom but Shelly is using the phone line. Later on, Shelly's boyfriend, Skyler, comes around and Cartman wonders that Skyler is too old for her. Cartman has enough of Mr. Kitty showing her anus, so he gives her catnip, which only makes her more crazy. He then finally manages to take a picture of Shelly and Skylar kissing. Shelly chases him upstairs, but Cartman slams the door on her, and attaches the picture on Mr. Kitty. She goes off the window but suddenly arrives at the front door of the house. Shelly manages to get the picture from her.

Skyler's band arrive at the door, and Shelly tricks Cartman to open the door with his mom in an accident and drags him downstairs. Skyler's band "The Lords of the Underworld" are gonna practice their music, and they start with a song for Shelly. Meanwhile, Mr. Kitty runs off into the streets, where she encounters an obese orange tom cat. Shelly performs a song with the band, telling they needed improvement, then the band leaves after taking a dislike to her.

Mr. Kitty tries to make the orange tom cat have sex with her, but because he is very overweight, she failed trying to do so. Shelly and Skyler go outside to watch the meteor shower. Cartman convinces them to let him come and watch it with them with a speech. She then allows him to go but Cartman conceals a tape recorder in his shirt so he can prove Skyler was over with him talking, he then tries to make him speak because his previous phone call to his mom failed since she did not believe him.

Mr. Kitty prowls the streets looking for male cats to mate with, which proves successful when she finds a group of toms. Skyler then dumps Shelly after she will not let him get any physical love out of her and saying she is too young for it. She is reduced to tears and Cartman reveals he has caught her inviting Skylar and that she will be caught but she does not care about it. Shelly said that Skyler acted that he really cared about her and nobody at her school will go out with her at all because she admits she is ugly. At first, Cartman said Shelly is not ugly but then admits that she is ugly, but said that Shelly does not need to date other 22-year-old guys because Skyler was a jerk and gross for only dating 12-year-old girls. Shelly realizes that Cartman is right about him and wants him to take it back, so Cartman decides to help her get revenge and went on to get his dolls.

After checking the house is empty, Mr. Kitty invites over all the cats from the group in and begin partying with music and catnip. Cartman manages to lure Skyler out from his house by playing a tape stating Selma Hayek is in need of help, but knows that was just a doll. The cats back at Cartman's house went on damaging the place, Mr. Kitty offers them all a box of catnip and they all sniff it in to get high. Meanwhile, Shelly smashes Skyler's beloved guitar and sticks it on a box of kitty litter with the words "King Turd" spelled out.

Shelly thanks Cartman for him getting revenge on Skyler. Cartman yells at his cat for hosting a cat orgy inside while his mom is coming back soon. Skyler comes at the door and threatens them both with revenge, so Cartman throws catnip over him, causing the excited cats to swarm over him. Shelly admits she thinks Cartman is okay, and he thinks she is too proving that two people who hate each other can get along. Cartman's mom comes home and discovered the house is a mess. Shelly and Cartman blame each other for it but she is too drunk to notice and fell asleep. Cartman and Shelly then make up and go on to clean the house, with Cartman singing his Wild Wild West song.


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