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The Cash For Gold Sign Holders appear in the Season Sixteen episode, "Cash For Gold", where they are seen holding their signs outside of their place of employment, the Cash For Gold shops.


After Stan Marsh and the boys learn about the cycle the gold goes though when it is sold, they decided to go after the Cash For Gold shops. Instead of going after the shop's owners or cashiers, they initially target the sign holders, which includes Butters.


"Who ever made the rhyme, did the crime."

During the confrontation, both the boys and the sign holders went back and forth between different versions of a Hindu saying, which initially was "Who ever smelt it, dealt it." Kyle learned from the executive at the smelter that the saying was actually, "Who ever denied it, supplied it." An individual, holding a pink sign which read, "Cash 4 Wearing signs 4 CASH 4 GOLD", corrected both parties by stating that the gold comes from India, where the sayings are created. He then states that "Who ever made the rhyme, did the crime." This indirectly places the blame on the sweatshops in India, who reprocess the gold and gems.


All of the sign holders wear various street clothes, which includes various colored pants, shirts, and shoes. As with real sign holders, some of the Cash For Gold sign holders wear earphones and hats. Each of them holds a sign with variations of "Cash 4 Gold" advertisements, for their place of employment.


  • The sign holder wearing a Statue of Liberty costume is a reference to Liberty Tax, who has their sign holders wear similar costumes.

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