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Cash For Gold are stores seen in Season Sixteen episode "Cash For Gold." These stores bought used jewelry and resold them at higher prices.


Stan's Grandpa Marsh gives him a bolo tie he bought off the J&G Shopping Network, thinking it is a replica of Kink Henry the V's. After Cartman makes insulting remarks about it at the bus stop, Stan tells the others it is supposedly worth $6000. Kyle suggests they try various Cash For Gold stores popping up all over town. Every store offers very little for the tie. Eventually, they end up at Taco Bell, who are also buying gold, where the cashier only offers one burrito for it. Stan decides to keep the bolo tie but Cartman begins his new business venture in the Cash For Gold scam.

How Cash for Gold Works

The stores advertise they buy old jewelry or anything made with gold including; coins, teeth fillings, trophy's, medals, and other stuff people don't want. These items are sold to another buyer who smelts the gold back into a pliable material that is sent to the country of India. There it is turned back into jewelry which is sent to the J&G Shopping network where it is sold for high markup prices to elderly people. This jewelry is given as gifts to their family who then resell it back to the Cash For Gold stores.


Every store has garish colorful advertising on the windows. They have obnoxious sign flippers outside to attract attention. With so many people getting involved in the gold resale business it is difficult to tell them apart.

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