Casey Miller is a third grade student at the South Park Elementary, who first appeared in the episode "Dances with Smurfs" as one of the candidates to become the new morning announcer. He has a voice which his friends apparently call, "butter to their ears" and "audible chocolate".

After Cartman, unbeknownst to him, plays a trick in order to get Casey out of the competition by stating that he called Mr. Mackey's hair piece a "Moronic Jizzrag", he is seen reading Cartman's new book and agreeing with its points. At the end of the episode he is revealed to be the new morning announcer and reads a letter scathingly criticizing the way Cartman 'runs' the school, similar to what Cartman did with Wendy to which Casey agrees.


Casey wears a sky-blue shirt with a collar and a dark blue sweater over it. He wears dark gray pants and black shoes. He has black hair and he had large ears. He also appears to have a pretty bad under bite which, consequentially, causes him to constantly bite his upper lip.


  • Casey is a parody of radio personality Casey Kasem.
  • In the deleted scene of "Dances with Smurfs", Cartman punched Casey before leaving the principal's office.


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