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"Cartoon Wars Part II"
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Episode no. Season 10
Episode 4
Production no. 1004
Original airdate April 12, 2006
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"Cartoon Wars Part II" is the fourth episode of Season Ten, and the 143rd overall episode of South Park. It aired on April 12, 2006.[1] It is the second part of a two-parter that began with "Cartoon Wars Part I".


After leaving Kyle injured on the side of the road, Cartman races to the headquarters of "Family Guy" determined to put an end to the show once and for all.[1]


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Plot details follow.

As a recap of the previous episode is shown, an announcement reveals that the second part won't be shown tonight, so a Terrance and Phillip will be shown in its place. At the Lazy J Ranch, Terrance and Phillip are solving a mystery with the help of their good friend Muhammad (who is censored).

Having seen this, Terrance and Phillip arrive at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation demanding the episode be re-run with Muhammad uncensored. The head of the company explains there are new rules concerning censorship. Phillip points out that Family Guy is going to show an episode with Muhammad uncensored. The head of CBC tells them that someone is probably heading to FOX Studios right now to get the episode pulled.

Cartman arrives at FOX Studios and goes up to the reception asking to speak with the FOX executives about the Family Guy episode. The receptionist tells him he has to wait and Cartman goes to the waiting area where he encounters a kid, of whom resembles Bart Simpson.

Kyle reaches a nearby diner, but everyone's heads are buried in sand. A man with a gun approaches him asking why his head isn't buried.

Cartman tries to convince Bart to let him handle the situation alone. Bart gives in after discovering how Cartman tricked a kid into eating his parents. He talks to the executives (under the persona of a Danish boy called Danny Pocket), pretending that his father was killed after publishing a picture of Muhammad in his newspaper. He pleads for the executives to pull the episode for their own sake. They are touched and decide to get him to convince the writing staff himself.

The man with the gun gives Kyle a lift to FOX Studios (as he is a Family Guy fan). Kyle asks Bart for directions but is knocked out by the latter's skateboard after being tricked into entering a maintenance closet.

Outside FOX Studios, the President informs the press that the proposed pulling of Family Guy is forbidden and protected under the First Amendment. Naturally, the media, who depend heavily on the first amendment, has never heard of the right to free speech and sneers the idea of free speech as stupid.

Cartman discovers that the Family Guy writing staff are Manatees and are the only species of a mammal not moved by the terrorist threats. It is explained to Cartman that they have a tank full of "idea-balls". The manatees move five of them and the selected five are made into a joke. If one ball is taken out, then it makes the manatees think that they cannot use that subject. They believe in a concept that if one thing can't be used, then nothing can, so they would stop their work.

Cartman visits Bart who has Kyle trapped in a net. He explains he has an "idea-ball to steal". He sneaks in and does just this and the manatees stop working. He then goes to the FOX president saying that he shouldn't be pushed around by manatees. He decides that he should pull the episode (however he finds this difficult).

Kyle has had a talk with Bart and has managed to break free after telling him he is on a slippery slope which will make him as horrible as Cartman. Cartman and Kyle then have a fight (which involves them slapping each other). They fight all the way across the studio (including smashing through the King of the Hill studios. Cartman appears to give up, but he kicks Kyle in the balls, knocking him down. However, Bart shows up to help Kyle and knocks Cartman out with his skateboard.

Kyle reaches the FOX president's office, telling him he shouldn't pull the episode. Cartman arrives with a gun, but after giving a small speech about not giving in to terrorism, Kyle wins to Cartman's anger. Cartman then attempts to shoot the president and Kyle but the gun has no bullets.

The episode airs and all it is a scene featuring Muhammad giving Peter Griffin a "salmon-football helmet". Unfortunately, we don't get to see Muhammed because unlike this version of FOX, Comedy Central in the real world has refused to show an image of him.

Despite the scene not have been much, the terrorists retaliate with a short cartoon showing American people (such as the President and Tom Cruise) defecating on each other, as well as Jesus defecating on all of them and the American flag. The terrorist comments that it was way funnier than Family Guy.


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