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"Cartoon Wars Part I"
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Episode no. Season 10
Episode 3
Production no. 1003
Original airdate April 5, 2006
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"Cartoon Wars Part I" is the third episode of Season Ten, and the 142nd overall episode of South Park. It aired on April 5, 2006.[1] It is part one of a two parter that concluded with "Cartoon Wars Part II".


The boys seem to have a typically pleasant night, when all of a sudden, a panic ensues.  Family Guy proposes to show the image of Muhammad. As terrorists threaten America, Cartman and Kyle investigate this fiasco of hardship and do what any kid would do: they go looking for trouble.  During their quest for FOX Studios, Cartman tries to get the episode pulled.


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The town goes into a panic after a news report claims that Family Guy will be airing an episode showing the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, and shelter themselves in the Community center in fear of a terrorist attack. The next morning its revealed the Fox Network censored Muhammad at the last minute. Soon it is announced the episode featuring Muhammad was part one of a two-parter, and that the second half would be showing Muhammad uncensored. A terrorist video threatening the United States not to show the episode throws the town into another fit of panic. Cartman makes the decision to go to the Fox Network to get the episode pulled, on the pretenses that it is offensive to the Muslim people.

That night, Kyle has a nightmare where South Park is under a terrorist attack and his brother Ike is killed in a bombing, and he realizes it is for the greater good to get the episode pulled. While doubtful of Cartman's motives, Kyle decides to go with him. Meanwhile, the town holds a meeting at City Hall on what they should do. It's suggested that to show that they did not watch, hear, or support the episode by burying their heads in the sand. Stephen Stotch then makes a stirring speech that they should stand up for free speech, and not give into terrorism. Despite this, Randy Marsh says he likes the sand idea better to which the rest of the town agrees with. Though, Stan tries to call this stupid, Randy scolds, "Stanley, there's no time for your immaturity! Do it!" It is unknown what became of Stan afterwards, because he doesn't appear again for the rest of the cliffhanger.

Cartman, with Kyle on tricycles, lets it slip that he is not looking to get the Family Guy episode off the air, but the whole show. Kyle brings up the point that Cartman's humor is similar to Family Guy's, and asks why he would want it off the air. Eric Cartman threatens Kyle to never compare him to Family Guy. Kyle realizes Cartman doesn't care about the Muslim people or religion, and used fear try to get Family Guy off the air.

Cartman explains to Kyle that the reason he wants Family Guy off the air is because everyone is always comparing his sense of humor to them. He tells Kyle that when he make jokes, it is inherent to a story, deep, emotional jokes based on what is relevant and has a point, unlike Family Guy, that just has one interchangeable joke after another. After distracting Kyle, Cartman jumps on his Big Wheel, and rides off followed by Kyle, leading to a chase scene which ended when Cartman was able to drive Kyle off the road using Cheesy Poofs. After Kyle's tricycle falls off a cliff it somehow blows up. While riding away Kyle states that he won't let Cartman win. 

George Bush meets with the President of the Fox Network, trying to get him to pull the episode. The president of the Fox Network then tells President Bush that he couldn't and there was something he needed to know about the writers of Family Guy.


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