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  • Cartman complains about the lines at the amusement parks in almost the same manner The Grinch complains about the Whos' celebration of Christmas in the animated version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
  • There is a ride at Cartmanland called the Haunted Manor. This may be a reference to the Disney ride Haunted Mansion and its Disneyland Paris counterpart Phantom Manor. Furthermore, the main street seems to be heavily inspired by Disneyland's "Main Street, U.S.A.", while the Yeti ride appears to be based on the Matterhorn at Disneyland and the Splash Mountain ride found at several Disney parks.
  • Cartman mentions the Fastpass system used to shorten wait times at Disney theme parks.
  • One of the reasons given for Cartman's money and park being taken away is "that little boy who died on a ride". To this, Cartman replies, "Who, Kenny? He dies all the time!" This implies that Cartman is aware of Kenny's repeated deaths prior to Season 6.
  • Ike is not seen in the episode. This is noteworthy because the B-story in this episode is Kyle almost dying from a hemorrhoid. Kyle's parents are both in the hospital with him, his brother is not.
  • Stan disguises as a guy named "Mike Gainor".
  • The story of Job told here was not "entirely" true. It was Satan who took all of Job wonderful things away. His friends come to comfort Job and question God. In the end, God gives Job a new family and even more riches.
  • In recent airings whenever the disclaimer for this episode is shown, suspenseful music is heard.
  • Cartman states that owning a million dollars is a lifelong dream of his. However, on several previous episodes (mainly in Season Four), he is shown attempting to get ten million dollars (and what he intends to purchase with this is never made clear, perhaps his own theme park).



  • Kyle believes that there is no God in this episode, despite the fact that he and all the other characters met God in person in "Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus".
  • On the ride in which Kenny dies, the child sitting next to him has brown hair and a red hat, but on the ride photo, a child with black hair can be seen sitting next to him.
  • Cartman claims to completely hate lines, however, earlier in the episode "Cow Days", he suggests to the gang to ride the "Line Ride" and was actually the one who enjoyed it most.
  • Stan is shown to have brown hair in this episode, despite being repeatedly shown to have black hair. This was fixed in the remastered HD version.
  • After Kyle's hemorrhoid shrinks, for a brief moment, Kyle is shown to be wearing no pants or shoes and his bed sheet disappears, but when the screen shoots out soon after, the sheet reappears over Kyle, Kyle then removes this afterwards and is shown wearing pants and shoes.
  • At the end when Cartman states that he hates lines, the colors get messed up like it did in "Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus".
  • Investment broker Chris is also the shop keeper of Gracy's, although in different voice.

Kenny’s Death

  • Stabbed in the face with a low hanging piece of metal (although he was standing up at the time).
    • Later Cartman states that Kenny dies all the time when he is being sued for unsafe rides.

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