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  • This was Dr. Mephisto's last speaking role to until the Season 14 episode 201. Since this episode, he had only ever appeared as a background character, with Randy Marsh taking up his former role. Trey Parker later commented that by this point he and Matt Stone simply didn't find the character funny any more, and that in retrospect they should have made him a member of the real NAMBLA and written him out permanently in this episode.
  • This is the first episode to feature original music by Scott Nickoley and Jamie Dunlap, who would later go on to produce original music for Season 5 and onwards.
  • A picture of Cartman with Bill Clinton is seen hanging above Cartman's Computer.
  • This is the 4th episode with Cartman's name in the title.
  • The ride The John Denver Experience, is a reference to the death of John Denver in a tragic plane crash.
  • Cartman's username is "BigBoned", a reference to his belief that he is not fat, but big boned.
  • The restaurant that appears when Cartman sees Tony316 is the same as the one seen in Tom's Rhinoplasty, when Stan has dinner with Ms. Ellen.
  • This was the first episode in 2000 (Season 4), not to have '2000' in the name.
  • The song playing during the chase scene is Page d'écriture by Yves Montand.
  • The chase scene is styled after The Benny Hill Show, a risque comedy from the 1970's.
  • The music playing during the "North Park Funland" commercial is the same music from the commercials for "Wild Wacky Action Bike" and "Alabama Man" on the season 3 episode, "Chinpokomon". Cartman took over the same theme park in "Cartmanland", a future episode.
  • This is the first episode about man-boy pedophile organization. Such organization will return in "Red Hot Catholic Love" and "The Return of Chef".
  • Cartman was a model before in the episode "Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods".
  • The web site name that the two NAMBLA's fight over in the episode is but the real NAMBLA has as their site.
Tits - Get a Life - This is Gay.jpg
  • After Eric begins typing on the man-boy chat site, on the ensuing responses, when slowed, some responses can be read. Some include, "this is gay", "tits", and "get a life," which isn't the response Cartman was supposedly supposed to receive.
  • One of the names in the chat rooms says Amir. This could be the Amir from "Over Logging" who Shelly met in a internet chatroom.
  • Aside from this episode, pedophilia has been a subject of South Park in other episodes such as "Worldwide Recorder Concert", "Red Hot Catholic Love", "The Return of Chef", "The Jeffersons" & "Le Petit Tourette".


  • This episodes brings an explanation to Kenny's resurrections after his constant deaths; her mother gives birth to a baby identical to Kenny and he somehow rapidly grows up to retrieve his old memories and appearance. While this theory is inconsistent with "Cartman's Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut", in which Kenny just appears out of this air in a magical fashion, it is likely the one that is adopted by the writers as it was expanded further in Season 14's "Coon vs. Coon and Friends".


  • The British satellite channel Sky One has banned this episode from showing due to the strong pedophilia references in the main plot (and the subplot being centered on Kenny killing his mom's unborn child). The digital channels Paramount Comedy Channel and VIVA, and terrestrial channel "Channel 4", however, have aired this episode and it does appear on the UK DVD release of South Park's fourth season.


  • In the opening scene where the boys are playing the Bill Kurtis-themed version of Monopoly -- Bill Kurtis' name is spelled correctly on the board, however, it is spelled incorrectly (as 'Curtis') on the box for the game. This game is seen again in "Up the Down Steroid".
  • Throughout the episode, Carol McCormick's shirt constantly changes from "I'm With Stupid" to "God Bless America".
  • In the sequence with The John Denver Experience, the soundtrack makes it sound like everyone was screaming, but the McCormicks were the only ones reacting to the bumpy ride.
  • When Kyle and Stan arrive at the NAMBLA party, the man Kyle is with has on a plaid jacket and gray undershirt, yet when he is sitting at the table, his shirt is black.

Kenny's Death

  • Kenny is killed by an ambulance that is rushing Stuart to hospital after he was molested by the pedophiles.
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