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Cartman's unnamed relatives first appear in the Season Two episode, "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!". They are the parents of Fred Cartman and probably Eric Cartman's uncle and aunt.


They are first seen inside Cartman's grandmother's house at the beginning of the episode, while Liane introduces the family to the boys, for some reason she did not introduce these two, so their names are unknown, they are probably Eric's uncle and aunt. They later appear at the end of the episode in prison with the rest of the family singing to Charles Manson. Only one of them has a line in the episode.

They later appear in "Cartmanland" at Mabel Cartman's funeral.


Cartman's first unnamed relative (probably aunt) wears a light green long-sleeved shirt under a green apron and has big blond hair, she also wears pink lipstick and black shoes. The Cartman's other unnamed relative (probably uncle) wears a white shirt under a dark pink coat with a brown collar, black pants and black shoes. Like the rest of the Cartman family they are very obese.

During the funeral in "Cartmanland", the woman wore similar clothing, only with a gray shirt and a black apron and wore a veil over her face. The man also wore a black coat with a gray collar and blue jeans. They had a slightly different appearance in this episode.



  • They are not in the episode script, which indicates that they were placed after the characters' lines were finished and that is why Liane did not quote them.
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