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This page contains trivia for "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • After Cartman goes to Kenny for help, Kenny says a curse word so clearly that it is bleeped. In previous instances when Kenny cursed he wasn't bleeped due to his dialog being indicipherable.
  • It is revealed that Clyde Donovan is the second fattest kid in South Park, even though he looks the same weight as the other boys. This was only Butters' assessment, though, and Clyde was shocked by it.
  • Kyle's pig Latin rant is translated in to, "They don't? Why the hell not? It took us four hours to bake this goddamn cake, and now we're totally screwed!"
  • This is the first major appearance of Token Black.
  • When Stan and Kyle keep on calling Clyde fat, Clyde starts to sound like Cartman, and he seems to be aware.
  • This was the second of the four South Park episodes to have "2000" at the end of the title, spoofing the fact that, in early 2000, seemingly every piece of media had the year 2000 behind it.
  • Instead of the traditional "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" phrase, when Kenny is crushed by the bricks, Stan and Kyle say nonchalantly "Oh my god, we killed Kenny." "We killed Kenny?" "We killed Kenny, we're bastards".
  • The game that Cartman smuggles into prison, Tic Tac Throw, is a real game.
  • Cartman runs a little faster than Romper Stomper.
  • Kenny isn't found guilty of being Cartman's accessory during the getaway.

References to Popular Culture

  • Kenny and Cartman's low speed Go-Go Action Bronco chase is a reference to O.J Simpson's Ford Bronco chase.
  • TrialTV is a parody of CourtTV, relaunched in 2008 as truTV, a popular law-themed cable channel.
  • This episode is a spoof of the HBO series Oz. The theme is used when Cartman is being sent to prison.
  • Cartman's original prison number, 24601, is Jean Valjean's prison number in Victor Hugo's book Les Misérables. The number that's actually on his uniform is 26354, which is Rick Deckard's police ID in Blade Runner.
  • Romper Stomper is also the name of a 1992 film of the same name, which is about a neo-Nazi skinhead group in suburban Melbourne.
  • Romper Stomper uses the product made by Romper Room as stilts.
  • Romper Stomper has the same tattoo as Johnny Depp does in Cry-Baby.
  • To be accepted, Cartman has to state whether or not he likes Animaniacs, an animated cartoon from the 1990s.
  • The song playing during Cartman and Romper Stomper's prison escape is from the 1983 film, Bad Boys.
  • The name of the hill the sled race is being held on is "Phil Collins Hill". This is possibly a reference to Trey Parker losing the Oscar Category for "Best Song" to Phil Collins. It was also referenced one episode later within more details.


  • In Mr. Mackey's office, Cartman sat in a chair closest to the door, with Token's chair right next to it. However, later in the scene when Cartman is out of his seat, Token is sitting in Cartman's chair, and his chair is empty.
    • Also, in Mr. Mackey's office, there were two chairs that Token and Cartman sat on, but in another scene, there are three chairs.
  • Dougie is a first grader in this episode, but he was seen riding the sleds with the third graders and was also the same size as them. He's usually shorter than them.
  • In Mr. Mackey's office, when the FBI agents are taking Cartman out of the office, their voices, done by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, accidentally switch. ("We're sorry, Ms. Cartman, but we must follow protocol. Your son will be taken into custody, and then tried in the federal court of law.") This is noted in the commentary mini.
  • The sled race is supposed to be on Saturday, but it is said to be on Thursday instead later on in the show.
  • Cartman is referred to as a Hate Crime Suspect by a news anchor during the 'high speed chase', but he has already been sentenced which makes him a Hate Crime Culprit.
  • Cartman's prison number is '24601,' but on his back when he is escaping, it is '26345.'
  • In the scene when Cartman is crying for his mother, Romper Stomper's tattoo disappears and then reappears.
  • Cartman's crime was a federal offense, meaning the Governor would not have the power to release him.
  • Stan mistakenly calls the Governor the Mayor.
  • The boys don't have enough weight to go down the hill when they replace Cartman with Clyde, but the girls effortlessly fly past them, even though they should weigh less.
  • When Clyde hugs Cartman, he is also in the crowd watching himself hug Cartman.
  • For a frame at the start of the episode, Sally Turner can be seen on one of the boys' sleds. Later in the episode, Millie Larsen is shown in the crowd of boys at one point.
  • In the end, when Kyle says "We won! We won!" he sounded like Pip.
  • When Clyde is called onscreen, another Clyde can be seen onscreen in the background of kids.
  • Butters is shown in prison but later is seen out of prison with the other boys and talks to them which he didn't do in prison.
  • While Cartman and Kenny are driving and encounter the roadblock, 3 rows of police cars are shown on the TV broadcast but Kenny and Cartman only passed through one row of police cars.
  • Highway 285, where the car chase takes place, goes into New Mexico, not Arizona. There is no direct way from Colorado to Mexico through Arizona.
  • The car chase lasts about 13 hours, but considering the ultra-slow speed (approximately 1 mph) of Kenny's Go-Go-Action Bronco, it's impossible for them to reach the Mexican border within such short time.
  • Also during the chase, Cartman's hat appears to be on during the helicopter coverage, but shots taken from the ground show him without it.
  • While Kyle explains Cartman's weight giving them speed, his voice slowly cracks until he says "Cartman" at the end of his sentence.
  • In the "Hate Crime Laws" Presentation that Stan, Kyle, and Token do for the Governor, at the end, they show Kenny in the sled for the race, but Kenny had already died.
  • Although Lizzy was taken offscreen by a bear after the girl's sled crash, she can be seen in later episodes. Considering the events of an earlier episode, it is possible that the bear did not harm her.
  • Danny Ganz can be seen as a driver and a guard simultaneously when Cartman fisrt arrives at the juvenile hall, although he used to be the commander of an ATF team in season three episode Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub.
  • Warden's voice Introducing Cartman to Romper Stomper changes at the end of the episode.

Kenny's Death

  • When Kyle and Stan experiment with bricks to replace Cartman's weight on the sleigh, they lose control and Kenny flies into a tree, and is subsequently crushed into the trunk by the bricks. Kyle and Stan then nonchalantly claim responsibility to each other.

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