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"Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000"
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Episode no. Season 4
Episode 2
Production no. 402
Original airdate April 12, 2000
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"Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" is the second episode of Season Four, and the 50th overall episode of South Park. It aired on April 12, 2000.[1]


Cartman is pursued by the FBI for committing a hate crime and lands in juvenile hall.[1]


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Plot details follow.

The boys of South Park Elementary are challenged by the girls to a sledding race down Phil Collins Hill to see who the better racers are, and the boys are pretty confident that they are going to win. Cartman gets agitated though when Tolkien makes several references to his weight problem, and when he threatens to throw a rock at him if he calls him fat again, Kyle then calls Cartman a fat ass behind his back, which makes him throw the rock at Tolkien, giving him a black eye in the process, much to Kyle's shock. He is sent to Mr. Mackey's office, where he is set two weeks detention. Before they can wrap up though, two FBI agents interrupt and tell them that the rock-throwing incident is automatically being considered a hate crime because the victim was African-American and placed Eric under arrest. Cartman goes to court where the media is proclaiming it to be the hate crime trial of the century, and they practically label him a "monster" and a racist for calling Tolkien "black" in court. Cartman is found guilty of committing a hate crime, and the judge sentences him to the Alamosa Maximum Security Juvenile Hall until he is 21 and wishes to make an example of Cartman to warn against racists.

Cartman runs out of the court room, and to Kenny's house. Kenny takes him in his Go-Go-Action Bronco battery-powered car and they try and flee to Mexico, but the car goes very slow. They are able to avoid police and even break through a barricade until the battery power on the car runs out just by the Mexican border. Cartman is later taken to the Alamosa Maximum Security Juvenile Hall and is assigned to the same cell as a boy nicknamed Romper Stomper.

Meanwhile, the boys replace Cartman with Clyde, who is supposedly the second fattest kid in town. They are disheartened to learn that they don't even have enough weight to move. In jail, Cartman makes a deal with Romper Stomper, that if he smuggles in cigarettes, he will tell him how to break out. Back in South Park, The boys replace Clyde with a stack of bricks, but the sled spins out of control, and the bricks crush Kenny, making the boys' team two team members short. They decide they have to bust Cartman out of jail by putting a nail filer in a cake for him to use in the bars on his windows. Their plan falls apart when Cartman informs them that they don't let them take food back to the cells, but they do bring the cigarettes Romper Stomper wanted.

Kyle and Stan decide to go to Tolkien and try and get him to forgive Cartman for what he did. Cartman at the same time is still acting out his plan and hides the cigarettes in his ass hole to sneak by the security guard. He craps them out but flushes them on a reflex, and Romper Stomper refuses to help him escape until he sneaks something else in for him.

At Tolkien's house, Kyle and Stan learn from Tolkien's dad that getting Tolkien to tell the jail he forgives Cartman will not get him out of prison and that only the governor can do that. They start to prepare a presentation about Hate Crimes to show the Governor. They talk about how hate crimes are hypocritical, saying that all crimes are hate crimes and that punishment shouldn't be any more severe for crimes that involve two different kinds of people or not, because that's discrimination. Stan, Kyle, and Tolkien's presentation goes over well with the Governor and therefore decides to pardon Cartman.

Back in Juvenile Hall, Cartman is able to sneak in for Stomper a game board but discovers Romper Stomper isn't going to help him out of jail after learning that he was just using him to sneak stuff in for him. Heartbroken, Cartman starts to cry. Seeing this, a remorseful Romper Stomper decides to help him, only because he wants to see Disneyland. Romper Stomper and Cartman later escape the jail at night and go on the run. When Romper Stomper trips, Cartman goes back to help him and they get caught by the guards. However, the guards inform Cartman that he is allowed to go free due to the Governor pardoning him. As a last gift, Romper Stomper gives him yellow buckets he always walks on as footwear.

Cartman makes it in time for the sled race, and after a slow start, Cartman uses Romper Stomper's cups to trip the girls' sled. Their sled goes off a cliff and Lizzy is taken away by a bear. After the boys win the race and celebrate their victory, they promise to Cartman that they will never exploit his ass ever again and Cartman promises to never take any of his friends for granted ever again. Shortly afterward, Pip calls Cartman's ass fat again, causing the insulted Cartman to throw a rock at his face, but this time gets away with it as injuring British People doesn't count as a hate crime, much to Cartman's relief.

Cartman then returns to visit Romper Stomper and goes to the toilet and craps out Disneyland for him offscreen, because that was what Romper Stomper had always wanted to see.


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