For Cartman's real father, see Jack Tenorman.

Cartman's Father is a deleted character who appears in the unreleased pilot episode, "The Unaired Pilot". He was seen at the scene where the Cartman family is dining in the dining room, but does not move and has no speech.


He has curly gray hair and a gray mustache. He was seen wearing a light blue short-sleeved shirt (similar to Randy Marsh's original outfit) and yellow pants at the dinner scene. In the family portrait, he was wearing a light blue collar coat.


According to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, Cartman's family was originally going to be larger consisting of four members (Cartman, Liane, Cartman's Father, and Cartman's sister). However, shortly after Comedy Central adopted the series in 1997, they decided to downgrade Cartman's family to consist of only Eric and Liane because Cartman did not need a large family and thus Cartman's dad (along with Cartman's sister) was cut from the series.

Cartman's father having dinner with his family.

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