Carlos is a boy Eric Cartman had hired as part of his team to smear poop all over Butters' house in the Season Six episode, "My Future Self n' Me".


Stan Marsh is fed up with his parents deceiving him and after learning that Butters also has a "future self", the two seek out revenge from Cartman. Cartman, who is the sole proprietor of the Parental Revenge Center, convinces Butters to have his house defaced with feces. At the Stotch Residence, Carlos and his team are hard at work painting the walls with different varieties of fecal matter.


Carlos wears a white painters uniform, white gloves, and a white mask. He has black combed hair, and is dirty with various splashes of poop on his uniform.


  • "My Future Self n' Me" - Seen hired by Cartman to deface Butters' house as a form of revenge for Butters.


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