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Captain Taylor and Captain Gabriel are two pilots for Homeland Security who play a minor role in Season Twelve's Pandemic duology.


While both of them don't appear in "Pandemic", Captain Gabriel briefly appears to tell The Boys what they need to do when they get into Peru. While Captain Taylor isn't seen, it can be assumed that he is the one flying the plane.

In the second part of the duology, "Pandemic 2: The Startling", they play a somewhat larger role. They are seen waiting with The Boys for a fueling tank to come meet them to give them gas for the plane, but the fueling tank never shows up. They and The Boys are then forced to find another way out of Peru and they come across a jungle area with giant fruit (dubbed "Land of the Giants Lost World" by Craig). They come across a large honeycomb-like structure and are both killed by a grub-like creature.


They both wear gray pilot helmets with mouthpieces connected to them as well as gray outfits with the American flag on the left shoulders and black shoes.

Captain Taylor has combed blonde hair, blonde eyebrows, and a blonde mustache. Captain Gabriel has combed brown hair and brown eyebrows.