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Captain Diabetes

Captain Diabetes is the superhero alter-ego of Scott Malkinson. He appears in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


Captain Diabetes wears a yellow sleeveless top and green pants with a red belt. He wears a red chest protector, emblazoned with the initial 'D' in the center, also two shoulder pads are fitted onto his shoulders. A sash is strapped onto the right side of his body, containing syringes and insulin bottles. A glucose monitor device is seen strapped onto his waist. He also wears black boots and fingerless gloves.


Most of the superheroes aimed to create a franchise, some dedicated themselves to fight crimes (Call Girl and Mysterion), and the New Kid whose purpose is largely unknown. Captain Diabetes, however, seems to consider himself a "traditional" superhero who starts out small, working to protect the citizens of South Park from all threats, even themselves. He confiscates Randy Marsh's car keys to prevent him from driving while drunk and from scratching his wife's car with them at night, even promising to return them when Randy is sober, though this is not fulfilled for the rest of the game.

By his own admission, he is difficult to anger unless he takes much sugar, this is dangerous as he may be plunged into a state of diabetic shock. However, there are two things that will upset him without side effects in short order; being farted upon (which the New Kid exploits to set off his Diabetic Rage without the use of sugar) and hearing people claim that he got diabetes by being farted upon.


Captain Diabetes sides with Coon and Friends for most of the Civil War with the Freedom Pals. He is introduced during Night 1, with The Coon assigning The New Kid as his sidekick for their mission to track down a lead on the Scrambles case; who is "a stripper with a dick tattoo".

After meeting the New Kid outside their house during the night, Captain Diabetes leads them through the neighborhood towards the home of Human Kite, where they can use a shortcut to reach their real target. Along the way, they find Randy Marsh keying his wife's car in a drunken stupor; when he expresses his intent to drive up to the liquor store, Captain Diabetes confiscates his keys, as he could have an accident while drinking and driving. This forces him and the New Kid into a fight with the drunken Randy; after defeating him, they continue to Human Kite's base (the attic of his house) and use a zipline to reach the north side of South Park.

After warning the New Kid to be careful, since South Park is "a different place at night", Captain Diabetes brings his sidekick to the local strip club: The Peppermint Hippo. With the front entrance barred by a bouncer, they sneak in through the window in the men's washroom. After finding out that the stripper's name is Classi from a pair of VIP clients (and then beating them up) and tricking the DJ into abandoning his turntable for a moment (by giving him a drink tainted with boogers, cum, rat feces, and the New Kid's farts), they finally find their target: Classi, who thinks that they are police officers that are trying to arrest her, immediately attempts to escape through the staff room. Captain Diabetes and the New Kid are forced to deal with Classi's stripper coworkers, including the massive Spontaneous Bootay.

Having defeated the strippers, Captain Diabetes and Butthole followed Classi to the side door of the Italian restaurant, Buca De Faggoncini. In panic, a guard in front of the door took a shot to the sky to pose a threat to Captain Diabetes, only to hit a huge sign that dropped and killed himself. To lift the sign, Captain Diabetes drank another box of apple juice, however, the attempt to move the sign hopelessly failed, and the Captain, who was in short of insulin, went into a diabetic shock, fell into a coma. When Captain Diabetes was about to die, the New Kid ate an enchirito which was crafted in Freeman's Tacos, then the New Kid executed a powerful time fart "glitch", with it, the sign was restored and both the guard and the Captain was resurrected. In shock, the guard run into the restaurant.

Appalled, Captain Diabetes praised the amazing time fart power of the New Kid, afterwards, he called The Coon, requested for back up, before entering the restaurant, where he and the New Kid met up with the rest of the Coon Friends. After a confrontation with the cooks in Buca De Faggoncini, the New Kid and Captain Diabetes find a room full of cats that had recently gone missing, but none of them is Scrambles, so they decide to move on. The kids find Classi in a room with the Italian mafia, there, one of the members identifies Captain Diabetes, telling her that neither The New Kid or him were police officers and that they were going to kill the three of them. Just in that moment, Randy, who had gotten drunk with red wine and had followed the heroes into Buca De Faggoncini, shows up and beats the Italians, saving the kids and Classi, but also engaging Coon and Friends in a fight, as he still wants his car keys back. After defeating him, Classi agrees to collaborate with the superheroes in exchange of protection. Captain Diabetes then becomes an available combat buddy for the New Kid from that point forward.

On the next night, Captain Diabetes infiltrates alongside Coon and Friends and Toolshed in U-STOR-IT, Professor Chaos' hideout, as Classi had told them that that was the place where the missing cats ended up on. There they start to look for Scrambles as well as taking out Professor Chaos' minions. In the process, they meet Call Girl, who joins the New Kid's party despite the fact that The Coon doesn't allow girls in his superhero franchise, and also find out that there is a Meth Lab producing "cheese", a drug made out of cat urine, and after defeating them they confess that they put it in the alcoholic drinks and drugs the citizens of South Park consume and thus, generate more crime in the town.

After Professor Chaos' defeat and subsequent imprisonment in Cartman's basement, The Coon holds a meeting in said location, and thanks to Professor Chaos' description, figures out that Mitch Conner was actually the one who not only paid him twenty thousand dollars in order to stop people from entering U-STOR-IT and get rid of Coon and Friends, but also the mastermind behind all the recent crimes in South Park.

On the following day, Captain Diabetes attends the Coon and Friends meeting in the Coon Lair. When the Coon suggests sending The New Kid as a spy so they can help them investigate in more depth the recent crime wave. Captain Diabetes then tells The Coon that they will never be able to infiltrate in their base as they tend to change their security measures, to which Professor Chaos says that he will infiltrate alongside The New Kid.

After the New Kid and Professor Chaos gain the Freedom Pals' trust, The Coon organizes another meeting, in which he informs the crew that CLASSi has been arrested by the police for seemingly no reason. They all agree to rescue her and decide to infiltrate alongside Freedom Pals.

After getting rid of the corrupt police officers and Jared, both the Freedom Pals and Coon and Friends join forces to defeat Sergeant Yates and Shub-Niggurath, rescuing Classi, the rest of the prisoners and Scrambles, who had been stolen by Sergeant Yates. However, just as Coon and Friends are about to get Scrambles back to its owner, Doctor Timothy reveals that Professor Chaos and the New Kid did not have any interest in joining the Freedom Pals and that they were only using them for their advantage. At this moment Dr. Timothy mind controls Coon and Friends to defeat the New Kid, Professor Chaos, and Call Girl, but they are still defeated. In a last attempt, Dr. Timothy mind controls Super Craig and Captain Diabetes to defeat his enemies, but they still all fail.

After the battle is over, The Freedom Pals reveal that Dr. Timothy was actually planning to include Coon and Friends in their Franchise Plan. After this Captain Diabetes and the other members of Coon and Friends decide to put an end to the Civil War and merge with Freedom Pals and get the reward for Scrambles together.

The next day however, Dr. Timothy's franchise plan was completely destroyed by Mitch Conner, who kidnapped The New Kid's parents and is now forcing them to do some work for him. The Coon escapes, and Captain Diabetes and the rest of the Freedom Pals go after him.

After finding out that Mitch Conner is paying Dr. Alphonse Mephesto in order to add more asses to the cats he had stolen and make them more aggressive, so that their cheese is stronger. Captain Diabetes goes there along with the rest of The Freedom Pals to stop his plans.

Ten days later, the Freedom Pals reached the mayor's office, only to discover that Mitch Conner had been sworn into office and Toolshed blames the New Kid non-stop for it (even if it was his suggestion for them). Just in that moment, the Freedom Pals receive a call from Morgan Freeman who tells them that there is a way to stop Mitch Conner from ever rising to power, by going back in time.



As a Brutalist, Captain Diabetes specializes in dealing heavy damage at close range. His abilities make him surprisingly versatile as long as he has a foe in range, enabling him to control the position of himself and his foes with knockback attacks, bolster his defenses with two attacks that both grant Protection effects, and inflict heavy damage to multiple enemies at a time along with slowing down enemies with an AoE attack. If used properly, he can become a nearly self-sufficient fighter who pierces enemy lines to wreak diabetes-fueled havoc without needing to be healed most of the time if his Protection keeps growing.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Superhero
Captain Diabetes Information
Portrait diabetes Class Brutalist
Health Stats mc health
Move Stats mc movement 2
Description Scott Malkinson calls upon the devastating power of diabetes as Captain Diabetes. Brutalist archetype combining punishing melee knockback moves with an annoying desire to hang out. FYI, has diabetes.
List of abilities
Ability Range Attribute Effect Status
Captaindiabetes power4
High-Fructose Death Wave
Brutalizes and knocks back foes.
Multilane Stats mc brawn

650% Damage

500% Damage

375% Damage

300% Damage

Effect knockback damage Knockback (3)
Captaindiabetes power1
Coma Combo
Brutal double-punch with knockback.
Melee Stats mc brawn

390% Damage

300% Damage

225% Damage

180% Damage

Effect knockback damage Knockback (2)
Captaindiabetes power2
Sugar Rush
A Dash attack that grants Protection.
Rush 3 Stats mc brawn

260% Damage, 200% Protection

200% Damage, 200% Protection

150% Damage, 200% Protection

120% Damage, 200% Protection

Captaindiabetes power3
Insulin Shock
.Knock back and Slow foes, and gains protection.
1 range cross Stats mc nondmg

130% Damage, 250% Protection

100% Damage, 250% Protection

75% Damage, 250% Protection

60% Damage, 250% Protection

Effect knockback damage Knockback (2)
Icon encumbered Slow


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