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The Cannabis Farmers Panelist is a speaker for the Cannabis Cultivators Expo who appears in the Season Twenty-Five episode "The Big Fix".


In the Cannabis Cultivators Expo held at the Colorado Convention Center, Randy Marsh attends a program titled "The Changing Face of Hemp Farming" featuring two panelists. In the program, the male panelist explains that since the legalization of marijuana, communities of color do not have equal opportunities to profit from the industry, illustrating the public's demands on marijuana that are grown by such communities, before summarizing that completely white-owned businesses would not survive in these times. This startles Randy, who would later attempt to befriend the Black family and have Steve Black involved in the Tegridy Farms' business.


The panelist has brown hair that is graying on the sides. He wears an olive green shirt, dark blue pants, and brown boots, as well as carrying the expo's panelist pass.

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