This article covers the former Prime Minister in "Royal Pudding". For the Prime Minister in "It's Christmas in Canada", see Saddam Hussein.

The Canadian Prime Minister is a minor character featured in Season Fifteen episode "Royal Pudding".


Following the disappearance of the Princess of Canada, all Canadians were instructed to open their Box of Faith. Upon opening, they will view a short video clip of the Prime Minister addressing the nation regarding the royal family, then instructing the Canadians to assemble by the tree in Edmonton, in an attempt to save the nation.


Unlike most Canadians, the Prime Minister has a rectangle-shaped head instead of a round one. The Prime Minister sports grey hair. He wear a brown suit over a white collared shirt and blue striped tie, decorated with a poppy on the left collar. A white text bearing the words "PM" can be shown on the left side of the chest.

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