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This page contains trivia for "Canada on Strike". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • Butters Stotch replaces Kenny for most of this episode, as he did for several Season Six episodes when Kenny was permanently dead at the time. Kenny only appeared in one scene in this episode and he had no lines.
  • Until this episode, all Canadians had the first letter of their names on their shirts.
  • The Danish appear for the first time. Their appearance is similar to that of Canadians in that they have flappy heads, however they do not have the beady eyes characteristic of Canadians.
  • Before the episode aired, there was a press image released of the scene where Kyle is on the phone to the Canadians and the other three boys are behind him. In the press image, Stan, Cartman and Kenny are behind Kyle but in the actual scene, Kenny has been replaced by Butters and, as a result, only appears as a background character at the beginning. A similar thing happened in "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow".
  • Phillip is revealed to be diabetic in this episode.
  • The Star Wars theme song that plays during the Star Wars Kid appearance was slightly altered to avoid copyright infringement.

References to Popular CultureEdit

  • World Canadian Bureau, abbreviated to "WGA", is a reference to the Writers Guild of America and to the English expansion of French Canadian abbreviations.
    • The Canadian "WGA" Strike is a parody of the Writer's Guild of America strike of 2007 in which the Guild went on strike due to what the writers felt was greatly diminished monetary compensation, effectively making many TV shows air repeats until a resolve was found.
  • Various Internet celebrities are parodied:
    • Star Wars Kid - The Star Wars kid is Canadian but has the looks of an American.
    • Butters performs a copy video of Samwell's popular video.
    • A scene from the movie Scanners was re-enacted when Dramatic Look Gopher makes Tay Zonday's head explode.
    • Afro Ninja - May have survived the internet celebrity battle by disappearing.
    • Sneezing Panda - Kills several of celebrities, but she ends up being shot by Tay Zonday.
    • Chris Crocker - He was mauled by the Sneezing Panda's mother.
    • Laughing Baby - May have survived since his fate was not shown during the battle.
    • The Back Dorm Boys - They were seen in the background, both wearing a black shirt with a Houston Rockets jersey and a number 11 (Yao Ming) printed on it as in any of their lip-sync videos. They were one of the celebrities did not get involved in the celebrity battle.
    • Bubb Rubb - He was seen sitting down in the waiting room and never be seen again, even he did not participate during the battle. He wears an Oakland Raiders knit beanie.
    • Lonelygirl15 - She appeared in the background behind Tron Guy and The Back Dorm Boys. She was also one of the celebrities who did not participate during the battle.
  • The title of the Terrance and Philip episode, "I Fart Huckabees" is a reference to the 2004 film, I Heart Huckabees.
  • The viral video that Butters appears in, What What (In The Butt), is a parody of an actual viral video of the same name by Samwell.
  • The song that plays at the party after Canada wins is Celebration by Kool & the Gang.
  • After Canada "wins" and ends their strike, their success is shown on the front page of Canadiety, which is an allusion to the entertainment trade magazine, Variety.
  • The Pizza Nut restaurant and its distinctive roof shape is a reference to pizza chain Pizza Hut and its original dine-in location.




Canada's population.

  • There are two Sally Turners present in the crowd at the start of the episode, two Kevin Stoleys, two Esthers, two DogPoos, and two Millies.
  • Near the end of the episode, the painting behind Abootman changes between shots.
  • Terrance and Phillip state that they only gained $3008 worth of coupons and bubble gum out of the strike. However, assuming Bennigan's coupons were distributed to everyone in Canada's 30,000,000 strong population, and each meal costs roughly 10 dollars, they actually gained $300,000,000.
  • When the Chocolate Rain Guy asks Butters how many views he got, he says a few hundred thousand. However, they just reported on the news it had over 10 million views.
  • The poster in the Department of Internet Money that reads, "Please be seated until your number is called" had a misspelling of the word "Until" as "Untill". It only occurred during the farther shots of the sign on the wall.

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