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Canada is a country in North America. It is located north of the United States. Its capital is Ottawa and its largest city is Toronto. It is a very notable country in the South Park series, appearing in the 1999 film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and appearing many times throughout the show.



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Canadians are portrayed as having oval shaped flappy Pac-Man-like heads with black beady eyes. The rest of their bodily layout is very rectangular and straight, and in some episodes, individuals are depicted as wearing shirts with their first initials emblazoned on the front. Most Canadians speak with an exaggerated British-sounding accent and usually end all of their sentences with 'Eh', 'Buddy', 'Pal', 'Guy' or 'Friend'. They also pronounce 'about' as 'aboot', and 'sorry' as 'soorry'.

While well-known Canadians like Celine Dion and Justin Trudeau are portrayed like all other Canadians, they are often times cases where Canadian celebrities portrayed on South Park such as James Cameron, Star Wars Kid, Justin Bieber and Tom Green do not have the distinguishing features that traditional Canadian characters do. This is likely to make them more identifiable.

Some Canadians are prominent characters. Ike Broflovski, the adopted brother of Kyle Broflovski originally came from Canada. Also, the comedy duo Terrance and Phillip come from Canada and have been featured prominently over the seasons.

Despite not being Canadian himself, Saddam Hussein is depicted with the flappy head (albeit with his head being a photo of the real Saddam), geometrically shaped body, Canadian accent and mannerisms in the show, along with his Iraqi bodyguards. However, he is heavily obsessed with Canada. In "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus", with help from Scott the Dick, he gains access to Canada and attempts to take it over. He is foiled by the Canadians though, whom by the advice of Terrence and Phillip, all created a massive fart cloud during football game that killed Saddam and his bodyguards. In "It's Christmas in Canada", he again tries to take the country over by posing as the new Prime Minister and making bizarre laws to which one resulted in Kyle’s brother Ike being forced to be taken back to Canada. He is exposed by the boys though and once again fails to take over Canada.

Inuit appear in the episode "Royal Pudding". Scott, Ugly Bob, and Ike come across them while looking for the soon to be princess of Canada. It is stated in the episode that they hate Canadians for taking over their land.


The boys enter French Canada (Quebec).



Canada's most famous comedians.

The culture of Canada tends to revolve around toilet humor, especially fart (and queef in some cases) jokes as seen in several episodes featuring Canadians. The popular Canadian duo, Terrance and Phillip, are shown to constantly use this type of gag in their routines. It is also a known fact that the majority of the Canadian entertainment industry relies on Terrance and Phillip. The Queef Sisters, whose jokes are similar to Terrence and Phillip but with queefing instead of farting, are shown to have been inspired by style of comedy from Terrence and Phillip, even going as far as for the duo to view them as their personal idols.

Canadian culture seems to be based on exaggerated stereotypes. It depicts all Canadians as loving Kraft Dinner and Maple Syrup. The Canadians also seem to like baseball in "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus" and Shakespearean theater in "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow". Although Canada held its own war against America in the South Park movie, the Canadians were almost completely helpless to stop Saddam Hussein from taking over Canada, having to rely on the power of farts to save their country, and live in constant fear of another American invasion, as they hid from sight when the boys crash landed in Canada. Once they were sure they were not invading, they became friendly and welcoming (except for Scott, because he is a dick).


South Park 3

Canada's economy

The economy of Canada is based on Terrance and Phillip, with more than 1/3rd of the economy depending on Terrance and Phillip. Terrance and Phillip's show is on the Canada Channel.

The American-Canadian War[]

This event took place in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. This war broke out after the children of South Park saw the Terrance and Phillip movie Asses of Fire, and Sheila Broflovski started an Organization entitled MAC (Mothers Against Canada) in order to ban the movie and lead a nationwide protest against Canada and Canadian products. She receives the support of then-president Bill Clinton, and places Terrance and Phillip under citizens arrest while they are on the Conan O'Brien show. Canada responds to this by bombing Baldwin's mansion, which leads the two countries to declare war on each other. Canada later bombs the Arquette residence and in retaliation America leads a full-scale invasion of Toronto. All Canadian citizens residing in America are forced into concentration camps, or 'Happy Camps'. The Canadians launch a preemptive strike against America but this is repulsed. However, their agents get as far as Colorado. Terrance and Phillip are scheduled to be executed by electrocution at a USO show, but interrupted by a Canadian attack and they are saved by Eric Cartman.

The battle comes to a conclusion when Sheila Broflovski kills Terrance and Phillip, allowing Hell to open up to Earth and bringing Satan and Saddam Hussein to rule for the next million years. Satan decides against it though and kills Saddam. He grants Kenny McCormick one wish for helping him stand up to Saddam despite Satan, which was for everything to go back to the way it was before the war. Everyone who died in the events leading up to the battle come back to life including Terrence and Phillip, and a friendly relationship between the United States and Canada is restored, Kenny remains dead however, but his sacrifice awards him a trip to heaven where he becomes an angel.

"Canada on Strike"[]

In the Season Twelve episode, "Canada on Strike", The World Canadian Bureau (Abbreviated as the WGA) leader Stephen Abootman leads all of Canada into a national strike after the U.S. does not respect Canada on "National Canadian Appreciation Day". They demand respect and "Some of that Internet money" for Canada. They are internationally ignored though and are replaced by the Danish. The strike causes many Canadians to die from starvation and disease. In the end, the rest of the world gives Canada coupons to Bennigans and bubble gum for them to end the Strike. Stephen Abootman and The World Canadian Bureau declare it a victory, but Terrance and Phillip figure out that the strike cost Canada millions of dollars, much more than they gained, and set Stephen Abootman and his aides adrift on a piece of ice out on the ocean as punishment for inadvertently causing Canada to lose a huge amount of money and citizens.

"Royal Pudding"[]

The "Prince of Canada" is introduced in "Royal Pudding". During an elaborate wedding ceremony featuring a giant tub of maple pudding, the prince pulls off the princess's arm and the prince sodomizes himself with it. The ceremony had been put on hold when the princess was kidnapped, prompting a national emergency and a call to all Canadians worldwide to help recover their beloved princess. Leading Ike, Ugly Bob and Scott the Dick to eventually discover the real culprit behind her disappearance: a monster named Tooth Decay, which the trio are able to hunt down with the help of the Inuit.

"Freemium Isn't Free"[]

In the Season Eighteen episode, "Freemium Isn't Free", The Canadian Bureau of Mobile Gaming create addictive mobile cell phone games that gets the boys to spend all of their money on a game that is marketed as "free". The Bureau, who make the Prince of Canada an accomplice to their fraud, is operated by the Minister of Mobile Gaming, whom eventually reveals himself to be the Canadian Devil, named Beelzaboot.

"Where My Country Gone?"[]

Canada elects a "president" in the Season Nineteen episode "Where My Country Gone?", even though in previous episodes the leader of Canada had always been a prime minister. The new commander-in-chief, who bears a striking resemblance to Donald Trump, builds a giant wall to keep the Americans out. Canadians, meanwhile, realize the error of their ways in electing a lunatic and most of them end up moving to the United States, angering Mr. Garrison and leading him to sneak into Canada where he eventually tracks down and rapes the President to death. A grateful Canadian diaspora then leaves the United States to return to their home country.


In the Season Twenty-One episode "SUPER HARD PCness" Terrance and Phillip are seen talking with Netflix about creating their own show, Terrance and Phillip both seem to have aged considerably to become old men, and are not as hyperactive as their past selves. The school's 4th grade boys are seen enjoying their new show that is set in a farm location but Kyle seems to have stopped finding the show funny. The boys all make fun of him for that, saying that he is like his mom that also does not like the show or Canada in general. Kyle has a moment of self reflection, looking at old Terrance and Phillip clips and starts a group called Millennials Against Canada or M.A.C. for short which is a reference to Mothers Against Canada from Bigger, Longer and Uncut. M.A.C. interrupts the filming of an episode of Terrance and Phillip saying that they need to stop, M.A.C. are demanding to speak with the president and get what they want when Kyle gets a call from him. Mr. Garrison says that Kyle is taking it too far and that they need to stop but Kyle would not stop. Garrison asks what he wants and he says that he wants a world where no one needs to be scared to be farted on and a world where laughter does not come at the expense of others, he then goes on to say that everything that Canadians have gone needs to be erased from the Earth, giving Garrison a small erection. Mr. Garrison sadly follows Kyle's orders and bombs Canada, killing presumably hundreds of thousands of Canadians. This is probably the biggest blow Canada has taken and will possibly change Canada in South Park forever.

"The Worldwide Privacy Tour"[]

Months after the Queen of Canada’s death, the Prince and Princess of Canada appear on Good Morning Canada, which is filmed in Toronto, which has seemingly been completely rebuilt after the events of "SUPER HARD PCness". After getting into conflict with the show’s host and the public as a whole, the prince and princess embark on a tour of the world in search of privacy, all the while disrupting the peace around anyone they pass by just in order to encourage them to give privacy. They eventually settle in the town of South Park which they believe they will have the most privacy.


Canada technically appears in almost every episode that shows Terrance and Phillip, for it is broadcast there. A list of these can be found here. Canada's appearances outside of Terrance and Phillip are documented below.


Video Games[]

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

In the game, Canada is animated like an 8-bit RPG game.

Main Quest[]

Canada plays a major role in Day 3. When the New Kid is sent to recruit the girls, one of the tasks he is given is to translate some documents from "the Kingdom to the North". After obtaining a passport, the New Kid comes to Canada to get the documents translated.

Once they get to Canada, they speak to the Prince and Princess of Canada, who direct them to the Earl of Winnipeg. He instructs the New Kid to kill some Dire Bears, then tells him that the Minister of Montreal has been imprisoned.

The New Kid speaks to the Prince again, who tells him to kill the Bishop of Banff. After the New Kid fights the bishop, he is given the option to spare him and take the dire pig testicles. The prince then refuses to help the New Kid, but the princess guides him to the Duke of Vancouver.

The Duke of Vancouver tells him to speak to the monks in the south of town. The monks, revealed to be Terrance and Phillip, teach the New Kid Nagasaki in order to free the Minister. After the New Kid fights dire snakes, wolves and bears, he successfully gets the documents translated.

Side Quests[]

The Canadian Barking Spider of the Queefing Caverns can be found here, which you need to fight to complete the "Big Game Huntin' With Jimbo" quest.


  • Friends
    • Terrance and Phillip - Obtained automatically after learning Nagasaki.
    • Prince of Canada - Obtained automatically after bringing back the Bishop's balls (or dire pig balls)
    • Princess of Canada - Obtained automatically after freeing the Minister of Montreal
    • Earl of Winnipeg - Obtained automatically after the New Kid kills Dire bears.
    • Bishop of Banff - Obtained if the New Kid spares the Bishop's life.
    • Duke of Vancouver - Obtained after taking the princess's letter to him.
    • Minister of Montreal - Obtained after the New Kid frees him.
  • Costumes
    • Barbarian Helmet - Can be found in a chest behind the breakable wall to the left of the Duke of Vancouver.
    • Barbarian Armor - Can be found in a chest in the room the Minister of Montreal was.
    • Barbarian Gloves - Obtained after defeating the Canadian Barking Spider of the Queefing Caverns.
  • Weapons
    • Holy Mossad Knife - Can be purchased from the shop in Banff.
    • Canadian Halberd - Can be purchased from the shop in Ottawa.
    • Claymore of the Warrior - Can be purchased from the shop in Ottawa.
    • Flamberge Rapier - Can be purchased from the shop in Winnipeg.
    • Archmage's Wand - Can be purchased from the shop in Winnipeg.
    • Serrated Axe of Rending - Can be found in a chest behind the breakable wall to the left of the Duke of Vancouver.
    • Dire Scepter - Obtained either from killing the Bishop of Banff or buying them from his shop afterwards.
    • Discus of Bleeding - Found in a chest behind a door on the room to the left after breaking a pot.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole[]

Canada appears as a secret location behind the Memberberries farm. The player cannot actually enter Canada, as there is a wall blocking them, and a Canadian that sits atop it and mocks the player.

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