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The Cameraman is a minor character in South Park: The Stick of Truth.


During the Heading North quest, The New Kid visits the Photo Dojo so he can get a photo for his passport to Canada. When he arrives, a cameraman tells the New Kid to go to back room to take his picture, but started asking him to take his clothes off piece by piece.

The real cameraman, who is shown beaten up, then pops out from a nearby stack of boxes and revealed the pedophile's true colors. This soon leads to a fight with the Pedophile.

After the New Kid wins the fight, the Cameraman thanks him and admires him for his fighting abilities. He then takes the picture (despite not having him put his clothes back on) and congratulates him for having his first passport. He then takes over the pedophile's place at the front counter for the rest of the game.

The cameraman can be seen in South Park: Post Covid, taking photographs of the scene where Kenny was found dead despite it taking place years in the future.