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CLASSIfied is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Plot details follow.


We start the next day, Monday, at the end of the school day. Change into your superhero costume, and head to Jimmy's House to confront Classi about the missing cats.


Start walking to prompt a call from The Coon. He tells you to go to Jimmy's House. Head right to get there.

Note: You should be Level 4 now, or very close to it. Remember to equip an Artifact in the newly open Major Artifact Slot.

You'll run into some Chaos Minions on the way. You could ignore them, but we suggest fighting them for the extra XP. Just fart on them or punch them first to get the advantage.

As you continue to Jimmy's House, stop by Bebe's. There's an Artifact hiding behind a flower pot to the left of her house you can break with a punch.

You can also now take Selfies with Jennifer and Esther in front of the house, Mr. Stevens in the kitchen inside, and Wendy in Bebe's room.

There's a picture for Scavenger Hunt: The Yaoi Project in Bebe's room as well. Use a Snap N Pops on the picture to the right of Bebe's bed to get it down.

Before heading out, use the toilet here if you haven't already.

You'll see some sixth-graders on your way to Jimmy's as well. It's not mandatory to fight them, but if you do, you'll get a Sack of Spitballs and $0.82.

Use Diabetic Rage on the transformer in between Henrietta's House and Jimmy's House. Punch a hole in the fence and walk left to find a chest with the Tempest Costume.

Classi is inside Jimmy's living room, but she refuses to talk until you get her prescription for her. Before you go running the errand, Jimmy brings you upstairs to power you up, even more, granting you High Pain Threshold, Inhuman Accuracy, and Mutant Strength. He opened up a new slot in your Artifacts App, the DNA Strand.

You can now take Selfies with Jimmy and his two parents, Ryan and Sarah, who are in the kitchen.

Now head out, your next mission is Alternate Universes Collide Again.

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