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Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics $7.98 This Christmas album is an album companion to the South Park episode of the same name. This album contains all the songs from that episode except for Christmas Medley. It also contains 8 other songs that weren't featured in the episode.
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut $7.98 For anyone who enjoys the irreverent humor of South Park, there's plenty of it on this soundtrack. Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Eric, Sharon, Sheila, Terrance... all step up to the mic and deliver in a way the Chipmunks (their obvious musical influence) would never dare. The use of certain four- and five-letter words make this a less-than-appropriate gift for young 'uns, lest you be misled by the characters' cartoon status. Musically, it's mostly swooning cartoon music capped by the incessant ranting of the main characters. By the time you get to Michael McDonald, you may wonder what this "sophisticated" adult-contemporary singer is doing among the children of South Park and Saddam Hussein. Even Isaac Hayes performs not as a late-night Lothario but as his South Park character, Chef. His track is one of the eight that don't appear in the film but have been added to flesh things out. Weirdest of all: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush performing a straight rendition of "O Canada." Huh? --Rob O'Connor
Chef Aid: The South Park Album $9.98 This adolescent compilation will appeal primarily, if not exclusively, to the cult following of South Park, Comedy Central's animated series about four naughty boys obsessed with bathroom humor.
South Park: The Complete First Season Episode Commentary ? Originally expected to appear on the DVD Home Video South Park: The Complete First Season, but was instead released as a CD available on the Comedy Central website; and later on the Blu-ray re-release of South Park: The Complete First Season in 2017. A great CD for any South Park fan looking for an honest, informative, and funny commentary. This CD set includes episode commentaries by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for all 13 Season One episodes.
Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld