CBC Network is an acronym for the Christian Broadcasting Channel. It appeared in the Season Three episode, "Starvin' Marvin in Space". It is a parody of a real television network called CBN, which expands to Christian Broadcasting Network. It is hosted by Pat Robertson, who is voiced by Trey Parker.[1]


The CBC Network is in charge of missionary works all over the world, Sally Struthers relies on them in order to keep food donations to support her enormous size, which resembles the Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt. They are more like (in fact) a profit organization, their most recognizable slogan is:

"God wants you to send us money. "

The boys and Starvin' Marvin return from the Marklar planet, they tell the Ethiopian Tribe about the new habitat and want to take them there. A missionary at Ethiopia report the news to CBC Network, then the CBC channel quickly broadcasts it and starts to raise money for an interstellar cruiser, in order to deliver the message of Jesus Christ to the aliens, and save their souls.


CBC spaceship Missionary 600

They build their Missionary 600 in no time and try to prevent Starvin' Marvin from getting to the Marklar planet first, but their spaceship isn't powerful enough so Pat Robertson asks for donation again and again in their channel, hoping to get a more advanced deflector shield and argon crystal laser.

Sally Struthers also turns up and tries to block Starvin' Marvin from escaping, in her giant Tiberian Junker. However Cartman manages to convince her to help people in need, so she switches to attack the CBC spaceship with tractor beam instead. On hearing this Pat Robertson asks for donation one more time for a negative ionic tractor disrupter, this time he begins to halt in speech.

Cartman finds the way to activate the worm hole, they all fall into it and reach the Marklar planet. Kyle explains the purpose of CBC to the aliens, so that all CBC missionaries are expelled from the Marklar planet.


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