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In "[[Super Fun Time]]," Butters is shown to be more assertive and less willing to go along with Cartman's plans and rule-breaking.
In "[[Super Fun Time]]," Butters is shown to be more assertive and less willing to go along with Cartman's plans and rule-breaking.
In "[[Butters' Bottom Bitch]]", he took the fact that he kissed [[Sally Darson]] as a sign that he was now a man and began thinking on how he needs a job to pay for bills, even though he is only a fourth-grader. Indeed
In "[[Butters' Bottom Bitch]]", he took the fact that he kissed [[Sally Darson]] as a sign that he was now a man and began thinking on how he needs a job to pay for bills, even though he is only a fourth-grader.
In "[[Raisins (Episode)|Raisins]]", he is shown to be somewhat wise, in the end when he basically tells Stan you can't be upset for forever.
In "[[Raisins (Episode)|Raisins]]", he is shown to be somewhat wise, in the end when he basically tells Stan you can't be upset for forever.

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Leopold "Butters" Stotch, voiced by Matt Stone, is a character in the animated series South Park. He is arguably one of the 5 central characters of South Park along with Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman after replacing Kenny during his temporary removal in Season 6. Letting Butters gain more exposure and Character.


Butters has a small tuft of bright blond hair on the top of his head and wears a turquoise jacket with dark green pants. Due to his sweet, naive, and endearing personality, he is a favorite among some fans.

To see more pictures of Butters, visit Butters Stotch/Gallery.


File:Image 01.gif

Butters has a warm personality that everyone finds comforting. Fans consider him one of the sweetest, most innocent, and most gullible characters on the show. He is generally much nicer and much more naive than the other four main characters. Unlike nearly all South Park characters, he rarely curses and instead uses euphemisms such as "aw, hamburgers" or "son of a biscuit". He has cursed a few times, however. Each instance was meant to be very shocking - for example, in "Raisins", Butters says "I'd rather be a crying little pussy than a faggy goth kid", much to Stan's surprise, and " At least we have assholes" to Bebe. The kids actually seem to dislike Butters a little bit because he's not cruel, cold, gross and confident enough, "like a normal little boy".

Butters refines himself in self-improvement in almost everything, to perfection, studying regularly and often commenting on how he "needs to learn to behave himself". Other skills include tap dancing. Unfortunately, he also has extremely low self-esteem and therefore has no judgment as to when or how to use his skills, and perceives everyone around him as knowing much more than he does. Butters is a good student and considered to be a dork by his associates. Butters seems to be constantly seeking a role model, as evidenced when he takes to Cartman (unbeknownst to him) pretending to be a robot in "AWESOM-O". He constantly struggles to find acceptance among his associates, hence why he often does menial tasks in hopes that this will earn him favor and respect. In the same episode he reveals to Cartman (dressed as AWESOM-O) that he suffers from a "Herniated Colon" which means he can't always control his bowels and requires to take a suppository through his anus regularly.

In "Casa Bonita" it is revealed that Butters enjoys going to Stark's Pond and he "always hangs out there"

In "Cartman Sucks" Butters is accused of being "bi-curious", and although he agrees, it's obvious he does not know what this means. Butters also unwittingly gave a very thoughtful speech in the same episode, regarding the treatment of bi-sexual children.

In "Super Fun Time," Butters is shown to be more assertive and less willing to go along with Cartman's plans and rule-breaking.

In "Butters' Bottom Bitch", he took the fact that he kissed Sally Darson as a sign that he was now a man and began thinking on how he needs a job to pay for bills, even though he is only a fourth-grader.

In "Raisins", he is shown to be somewhat wise, in the end when he basically tells Stan you can't be upset for forever.

Butters' biggest problem seems to be self-confidence, the will to stand up for himself. He gets taken advantage of by nearly everyone he comes across. In "The Ungroundable", once he believes he has actually become a vampire, he's not so easily pushed around anymore as he thinks he is immortal. In "Cartman Sucks, Butters finally stands up for himself by stating to the camp counselors that his confusion is nothing more than a result of the counselours telling several boys, that are assumed to be 'bicurious', that they are confused without explanation. Butters also showed some self-confidence in "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs", where he told the four main characters that he wouldn't be tricked, and told them off by saying that they can "suck on my wiener". This outburst stunned the boys, leaving Cartman to ironically call Butters an "inconsiderate jerk".

Now when Butters smiles, his smirk appears to have risen almost far up to his eyes while the bottom part of his face is almost all skin and nothing more as seen in "Butters' Bottom Bitch", "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs", and "You have 0 Friends".

In the episode "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs", it appears that Butters has an attraction to fat women. As he fell for one of the Kardashians because she was "so big and squishy".


File:N8986263900 9741.jpg
Butters has been in the show since the beginning, though initially only as a background character, in fact, his first speaking role was in Season 2 episode "Clubhouses," where he passed along a note from Bebe, saying "pass this up". He was later adopted by Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman as their fourth friend when Kenny McCormick died (semi-permanently). Later, Kyle, Stan, and Cartman decided that they didn't like Butters very much and chose Tweek to "fill the void" instead. However, he seems to be friends with classmate Pip (despite repeatedly punching him in the face during "Weight Gain 4000"), and second grader Dougie, as seen in "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" and "Professor Chaos". Butters was often referred to as "a little pussy," "wuss," "lame" and a "gaywad" and the boys got him to do everything for them - often getting Butters grounded in the process. However, he seems to hang out with the four boys very often now. Butters is probably now the friend outside of the main four they hang out with the most.

In "Toilet Paper", Butters mentioned he had a girlfriend named Carrie in Michigan. Whether this was actually true or not is unknown, though if it was, the relationship didn't last.

In the episode "Raisins", Butters developed a crush on Lexus, a waitress at the Raisins restaurant. However, his strong feelings for her were one-sided, as she had only been using him for his money and eventually told him they were not boyfriend and girlfriend. This caused Butters to become depressed, though he got over it in the end.

In the episode Fatbeard it was revealed that Cartman is the only person who picks on him at school (it is likely that all the other boys have matured or they simply do not care about picking on him anymore).


Friendship/Conflict With Eric Cartman

Butters has become Cartman's most frequent victim. Butters sees Cartman as his best friend and treats him as so. But, Cartman takes advantage of this and finds Butters extremely easy to manipulate and convert to his point of view, or get him to do what he wants. He is often extremely cruel to him, and uses him as a scapegoat whenever he needs someone to blame (Stan and Kyle also occasionally do this). He constantly makes fun of him for his effeminate tendencies and his naive, innocent, nature, often calling him "gay". In "Douche and Turd" Cartman easily gets Butters to vote for his idea of a "turd sandwich" simply by describing the candidates in a certain way. In "Go God Go" he gets Butters to bury him in snow so that he can be unfrozen three weeks later in time for the release of the Wii video game console.

In many episodes entire plots are centered around Cartman's antics against Butters. In "Casa Bonita", Cartman faked an apocalypse so Butters would hide in a bomb shelter for over a week, so Cartman could go with Kyle, Stan, and Kenny to Casa Bonita instead of Butters. In "AWESOM-O" he dressed as a robot to trick Butters, but in the end this failed miserably and Butters happily showed a tape of Cartman dressing like Britney Spears in front of everyone for revenge, seeing how much Butters wanted to get back at Cartman. In the episode "Christian Rock Hard", Butters does another one at Cartman by farting on his face and giving him the finger for swearing Jesus's name in front of everybody and ruining their band. He also taunts Cartman for being the real 'ugliest' kid in their class and mocks his neo-Nazism in a deleted scene in the episode "The List". In "The Death of Eric Cartman" all of the people in South Park decide to ignore Cartman because they feel he is a "son of a bitch". Unlike the other boys, Butters isn't aware of the plan and Cartman believes that Butters is the only one who can see him now that he is dead. In "Cartman Sucks" he repeatedly invited Butters over to spend the night to play pranks on him, until it backfired on him and he made an inappropriate picture which featured him putting Butter's penis in his mouth, and which ended up being showed to the entire fourth grade class, humiliating Cartman instead of Butters. In the episode "Breast Cancer Show Ever", after Cartman gets brutalized by Wendy, Butters agreed with Craig that he always hated Cartman with everyone else. This has not seemed to stick, as he goes right back to Cartman's side in "The China Probrem", acting as Cartman's sidekick, and holding Cartman's gun on the hostages. This implies that Butters is scared of Cartman, as he never shows any signs of disrespect or disobedience unless Cartman is not around or is rendered harmless (except in deleted scenes). However, "Eat, Pray, Queef", Cartman shows as much compassion as the other boys towards Butters after he is queefed upon, and even gives him a present, as well as participating in a state-wide attempt to ban queefing with Butters as a mascot, suggesting some liking for Butters although he, also like the others, refuses to go near Butters after he was queefed on. Cartman also "punishes" Butters with the tetherball for not kissing another girl in "Butters' Bottom Bitch".

Friendship with Kyle Broflovski

His friendship with Kyle is fairly decent, as Kyle treats Butters more kindly than the other boys, seen when he decided to take Butters along to Casa Bonita for his birthday instead of Cartman. However, Kyle is not against using Butters as a "guinea pig" when it comes to experiments or undercover jobs. Kyle also occasionally makes fun of Butters, swears at him or calls him names, as well as using Butters as a scapegoat (along with Stan, Cartman and Kenny) whenever he needs someone to take blame. Butters has been shown to harass Kyle, as shown in "The List", and he has also "bullied" him for being Jewish, usually under Cartman's influence, but he sees Butters as a close friend and Butters sees him as a close friend too. He also defended Butters for not kissing a girl in "Butters' Bottom Bitch."

Friendship with Kenny McCormick

Butters took Kenny's place after Kenny died, leading to that the two should interact more often later episodes. Butters friendship to Kenny seems to be stronger than Cartman, since Cartman usually makes fun of both Butters and Kenny. In "Kenny Dies", where Butters draws a picture of him and Kenny (as best friends) together in an airplane in which Kyle delivered to Kenny at the hospital. Kenny plays the "good cop" and comforts Butters in "Lil Crime Stoppers" and Butters tries to help Kenny with his cat-pee addiction during "Major Boobage". The two are also playing together in a sandbox in the episode, "Eek, A Penis!". In "Guitar Queer-o", Kenny and Butters can be seen hugging when Stan and Kyle break 100,000 points on Guitar Hero. Also, in "The Ring", Butters seems quite alarmed when he discovered Kenny has a "whore" girlfriend.

Friendship with Token Black

Token and Butters are often seen together in many episodes most notably in "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" They are seen together throughout the whole episode. When is sitting next to Token in Sunday School, when Butters goes to tell Stan, Cartman, and Kenny about Timmy, Token is seen next to Butters. When Kenny gets run-over they are next to each other crossing the street, and when they sneak into the church they are seen with together again. In the episode "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" they are seen on the same sled. In the class room they sit next to each other. They also both join Cartman's Band "Faith+1" in "Christan Rock Hard". In the beginning of "The List", when Butters told the boys that the girls in their classroom have a list rating every boy from cutiest to ugliest, Token asks him which one of the boys is the ugliest, to which Butters say he doesn't know yet, saying that girls won't let anyone else but themselves see the list. Although Token and Butters are known to be in good terms with each other, however, in the end of "W.T.F.'", they are seen fighting with each other, blaming each other for the loss of stardom of the W.T.F. while Cartman and Kyle fight each other for the same reason, as well as Stan and Jimmy fighting each other for the same reason.

Friendship with Stan Marsh

Stan's friendship with Butters is similar to that of Kyle's: he can be friendly to Butters, hanging out with him in "My Future Self n' Me" when the two of them learned the dumb acts their parents did to keep their children of drugs, and be less friendly, using Butters as a scapegoat whenever Stan thinks he will get in trouble (along with Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny) or to be used as a "guinea pig" for the boys' antics. Butters has never been shown insulting Stan directly or standing up for himself to Stan alone; whenever Butters stands up to Stan, he does so towards all the boys. In "Guitar Queer-o", at the end of the episode when Butters and Cartman take Stan and Kyle's place at playing the game, Butters wants to take Stan's place, betraying Cartman when he reaches a celebrity-like status. Butters also revealed to Stan alone that he was Professor Chaos, although Stan took it to mean that he was coming out of the closet but Stan was okay with that.


Butters is an only child. His parents, Stephen (Chris in some appearances) and Linda Stotch, are very authoritarian, strict and, at some points, abusive towards their son — often severely scolding him for circumstances that are entirely beyond his control. This has evidently affected Butters psychologically, as he often tells himself off in the absence of his parents. It is also hinted that the justification for this abuse lacks rationality. As additional evidence of psychological problems, he has stated in "Super Best Friends" that he wakes up to the sound of his own screams. However, it clear that Linda cares deeply for him, as she becomes hysterical when he faked his death in "Marjorine", and becomes extremely distressed when he is missing in "Imaginationland" and "Casa Bonita". Also, before his father ever appeared in the show, an adult man who is very similar to Butters was seen as a background in early seasons.

He is intimidated of his dominating father, whom he is obliged to respectfully refer to as "Sir". His father uses fear as his primary parenting tactic with Butters, once intentionally frightening him with threats of 'Super-AIDS'. It is shown on a number occasions that he really does care about Butters, but he believes his methods are the best way in which to raise him. Linda, however, has been shown to be much more tender to her son, hugging and kissing him often. She seems to not go along with Stephen's harshness only because she believes that its the best of her son.

It was revealed in the episode "AWESOM-O" that his family includes an aunt and uncle who live in Los Angeles, and there was a mention of a grandmother who had a stroke shortly after she saw Butters on television with testicles on his chin and then his parents went to visit her in the hospital . Also, while Butters and all members of his family shown appear to be entirely Caucasian, Cartman's repeated insult to Butters is "Butters you black asshole". Instead of suggesting that Butters has some African or Afro-American descent, it is more likely that this is simply a childish insult our of Cartman's stupidity, ironic due to Butters showing no stereotypical African-American traits, and often exhibiting stereotypical Caucasian-American traits.


Butters barbies

Butters playing with his Barbie and his cut out doll of himself.

Stephen and Linda are very strict with Butters and have both abused him in one way or another. He is usually grounded after he gets involved with something, because they usually conclude that it was either Butters all on his own or that he at least played a major role, and don't believe that he is being bullied. They have also threatened to ground Butters for things he can't control, such as in "The Death of Eric Cartman", Stephen orders him to stop having nightmares or else he'll be grounded. Also in "How to Eat with Your Butt", Butters' parents ground him for making a silly face in his school photo, believe he is wearing make-up at one point (he isn't at all) in and are convinced that his normal face is "silly" and has "made himself look like a girl." It is assumed that Linda and Stephen actually have some sort of compulsive need to punish Butters, as demonstrated in "The Ungroundable", during which they threaten to ground him for minor mistakes such as misplacing the chocolate Quick mix. When Butters, under the belief that he is a vampire, refuses to listen to their threats, they become unnerved and afraid that they will never be able to ground Butters again. After Butters returns to his normal behavior, his parents become immensely relieved that they again have dominion over their son, and immediately proceed to ground him again. Although, this all could be interperated as them being worried that their only method for raising their son was threatened and were scared of what to do if that was indeed the case.

In "The List", it is shown that Butters parents were planning to ground him if the girls at school thought he was the ugliest in the class. Stephen also physically beat Butters in "Jared Has Aides" which was later withheld from broadcast by Comedy Central because of the abuse Butters receives, though it has been shown since. Cartman pretended to be Butters on the phone and insulted his parents, really goading them. Then he sat outside to hear Stephen and Linda tear through him.

The most distinguishing abuse was in the season five episode "Butters' Very Own Episode" which centered on how Linda sent Butters to spy on his father to find out what he was getting Linda for their wedding anniversary, and, among other things, Butters saw Stephen go into a Men's Bathhouse. Butters didn't understand what it was and told his mother, who then, in a spot of insanity, attempted to kill Butters by pushing a car with Butters inside off a dock. Linda then wrote a suicide note and was about to kill herself just when Stephen stepped in; the resulting confrontation changed her mind about suicide. Stephen and Linda tried to keep Butters's murder a secret and blamed it on "some Puerto Rican guy". Butters meanwhile found a way home and his parents came clean. When he found out that his mother had tried to kill him and his father was gay (or rather bisexual), he was horrified, but tried to pass it off. When asked if he was really going to be okay after discovering all that he admitted "No, I'm lying."

At the end of the sixth season, in the episode "My Future Self n' Me", Butters gets revenge on his parents for their abuse of him (culminating in them hiring an actor to pretend to be Butters's future self so as to scare him out of doing drugs) by paying Cartman to smear feces all over his house. The act ironically leads the Stotches to realize how badly they've treated their son and they apologize, an act that is contrasted by Stan Marsh's parents refusing to apologize for them hiring an actor to be Stan's future self, to the extent that they mutilate their actor when Stan tricks them into thinking he chopped off his own hand. Since then, the Stotches have not been shown hurting their son physically and in the episode "About Last Night", Stephen tells Butters that he loves him. However, he did believe that the world was soon going to end as Obama won the presidential election so one could think this was because Stephen was going hysterical or he wanted to make peace with his son.

Despite all the abuse Butters has received, his parents have been shown to really care deeply about their son, this can be seen in "Marjorine" where they go as far as to even promise him not to ground him if he doesn't kill himself . They do put a price on their care, however, as shown in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" where they sell Butters to Paris Hilton for $250 million USD. But Butters gets away and Paris is swallowed anally by Mr. Slave. His parents do their trademark where they get mad at him and ground him.

In "The Return of Chef" Butters briefly mentions that his Uncle Budd has committed sexual acts on him, but has not realized that its sexual molestation.

Life and History

Butters has been referred to in scripts as "Puff Puff" and "Swanson" - Stan refers to him by this name in the opening scene of the season two episode "Conjoined Fetus Lady". When Butters spoke in the early episodes however, his voice was dramatically different from the stuttering Southern accent he has now. Butters was renamed and properly introduced in the season three episode "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" alongside Pip and Dougie stuck in a basement during a Meteor Shower Party. He was seen sporadically from season three through five, going from social pariah in "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" to mean-spirited bully in "Hooked on Monkey Phonics" (which seems out of character for Butters, but is not entirely unlikely for an emotionally abused child).

In the episode "Jared Has Aides" Butters was adopted by Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman as their fourth friend when Kenny McCormick died "permanently" at the end of the fifth season. The writers had given Butters his own spotlight episode as the season five finale to prepare fans for Butters taking Kenny's place on the show. The episode, titled "Butters' Very Own Episode", gave Butters a complicated back story where his father was outed as being a closet bisexual and his mother attempted to drown her son Butters in a fit of madness. They all made up at the end of the episode and nothing came of it.

Butters found himself, as the new fourth friend, being put down and treated like a total outcast by his new friends. Kyle, Stan, and Cartman all openly bullied Butters, telling him how he's not cool like Kenny. Cartman in particular took perverse pleasure in making Butters suffer, to the extent that, in "Jared Has Aides", he pretended to be Butters on the phone and bad-mouthed his parents, just so he could watch them abusing him.

Butters would remain on as the fourth member of the gang for four more episodes; two of the episodes continued the plot of Butters being abused but downplayed it and in the case of "Freak Strike", ending the episode just as Butters was about to be beaten (with Cartman being beaten up instead). Ultimately, in the sixth episode of season six, "Professor Chaos", Butters is expelled from the group for being "too lame" and adopts his super-villain alter ego "Professor Chaos" as a means to get revenge against the group and society for rejecting him. Butters would run around for several episodes as Professor Chaos, only to have no one care much about his plots since many of them had, though Butters didn't realize it, already occurred on episodes of the animated series The Simpsons. Butters would eventually reveal his secret identity of Professor Chaos to Stan, although he mistook it for Butters coming out of the closet.

Though not anymore a member of the main four's group, Butters was nevertheless kept as a prominent member of the boys' extended circle. Though he has returned, Kenny's role has declined to an extent due to lack of ideas for the character and Butters has taken on a more prominent role again. Despite their ill-treatment toward him, Butters stays loyal to his friends, perhaps in hopes that they'll accept him. In a way, this has worked as recently there seems to have been some shift in the balance of friendship. The most obvious case of this being in the episode "Tsst", where Butters is calmly playing along with Stan, Kyle and Kenny, with Cartman being much more alienated than usual, as well as in "Casa Bonita", where Kyle decides to take Butters with him on his birthday to Casa Bonita instead of Cartman, implying he likes Butters more than Cartman. It's been said that Kyle despises Cartman because of his cruel, sadistic and selfish attitudes, as well as his prejudice--especially towards the Jews.

Despite their history, Butters has recently taken on the role as Cartman's sidekick. Cartman often takes advantage of Butters' kindness and desire to be accepted in order to fulfill his schemes. Cartman hurts and betrays Butters quite often and Butters continues to trust him unconditionally, though Butters got even in one episode where he filmed Cartman doing something embarassing in his backyard and then showed in everyone.


Butters has not showed signs of being very prone to illness (unlike Kyle, for example), but he does have a history of occasional health-related problems on the show.

In "AWESOM-O", he said that he had a condition that made it hard to control his sphincter. He said that because of this, he sometimes poops his pants and has to wear a diaper to school. Logically; this would be considered Butters' biggest health problem, but it has never been even remotely mentioned anywhere else in the show (except for one scene later on in the same episode). Butters has been shown taking off his pants and underwear at times, most notably when he is going on the urinal, and Cartman enters the bathroom and apprehends him for not being able to find his hall pass. Butters goes all the way to the bench outside the principle's office and, last we see of him, his pants and underwear are still pulled all the way down. Butters had said in "AWESOM-O" that he kept his sphincter problem (and the fact that he wears diapers to school) a secret from everyone (except obviously his parents, his doctor(s) and Cartman, who he told without knowing it was him), so it would seem likely that someone would notice and point out the diaper he was wearing. Then in "Erection Day", Butters is singing his apple song at the "South Park Elementary Talent Show", but when he forgets the words, he becomes very nervous and wets himself before running offstage. His accident is very obvious and visible when it happens. If he was wearing a diaper (which if he wears one to school, logically he would wear one when performing to a crowd of people), it most likely would have absorbed everything and kept the accident from being visible. There are other times in the show where it would seem that his sphincter problem/diaper-wearing would logically have an effect on the plot, but it does not. It is possible that Butters had been cured, or that it got less severe that wearing diapers was no longer necessary, or that Butters' had been exaggerating or lying about his condition in the first place. Most likely, however, is that the writers on the show either forgot about it or decided to ignore it outside of the one "AWESOM-O" episode where it was mentioned.

Professor Chaos

Butters's alter ego is Professor Chaos, a supervillain/mad scientist he became when the boys dumped him. He spreads chaos with his sidekick, General Disarray, and his hamsters (or "minions"). In "The Coon" the police and citizens watching his fight against mysterion seemed aware of his name. The police decided not to even try to shoot him, believing (as a villian) he had unknown superhuman abilities, and the bullets would not affect him and believed he could not die.

In "The Coon", it was revealed that Professor Chaos uses General Disarray's grandmother's Public Storage as his base of operations. There are some carboard computers and a board of possilbe suspects for the Coon and Msyterion.

Professor Chaos

Butters as Professor Chaos


Early in his career as Professor Chaos, Butters was successful at bringing chaos to his fourth grade classroom when he stole the erasers from the chalkboard. During the process of changing into his Professor Chaos costume Butters was discovered by Dougie, who chose to join him as his sidekick, General Disarray after being eliminated in the boys' quest to find a new fourth member. Together, Professor Chaos and General Disarray hatched out evil plots that included trying to flood the world with his garden hose and destroying the ozone layer with aerosol spray. In "The Coon", Cartman convinces him to threaten to blow up a hospital if Mysterion doesn't reveal who he really is.


In the episode "Simpsons Already Did It", Butters devises a series of supposedly original evil plots, only to abandon each of them after General Disarray informs him that they have already been used on The Simpsons. He nearly goes insane after a while of this, but gets consoled later by the reassurance that this is only because the show has run so long, not his own lack of creativity. This itself was inspired by the real-life frustration that creator's Trey Parker and Matt Stone coming up with ideas and plots only to find out the that The Simpsons had already beaten them to the punch. Parker and Stone themselves literally went through every episode to find something that had never been done. And eventually they did: boy bands. They conceived an episode only to find out the Simpsons did and released such an episode right before theirs was set to air.


In the episode "Good Time With Weapons", Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny bought authentic Japanese weapons from a fair. Butters wants to play with them, but they don't allow him. Butters then transforms into Professor Chaos and has a "ninja fight" with the gang. This ends when Kenny throws a shuriken into Butters's eye, which causes him extreme pain, shocking the other boys. Luckily, Butters receives medical attention after the whole town sees him in shock. In later episodes his eye appears to be fine as if it never happened.

In "Pre-School" he finds out that a bully from pre-school got out of jail, and then tries to hide. His dad later kicks him out of the house in an effort to make him have fun, but he simply gets nervous and starts singing to himself. The bully arrives and gives him several bully related attacks, including a severe Indian burn.

In "The Coon" he is punched in the face during his fight with Mysterion as The Coon intervenes. He leaves the frame with a bloodied nose claiming a tooth is broken. He also had minor injuries if any when he first fought the coon.

Talents and Interests


As revealed in the episode "You Got F'd in the A", Butters is a very talented tap dancer, but his fondness for dancing was cut short at the National Tap Dancing Championship when a freak accident (caused by Butters's tap shoe flying off his foot) set off a chain reaction leading to the deaths of eleven people (if you include the unborn child within a pregnant victim and the two people who committed suicide after the incident). This has left Butters quite scarred, although this isn't immediately apparent. In the same episode he was further terrified as his tap shoe again started another fatal chain of events, leading to the death of five rival dancers (and their instructor) who Butters and Stan were set to face in a dance contest.

He also seems to have some break-dancing ability, as seen in the episode "Asspen". Additionally, Butters exhibits some impressive free-style dancing ability, dancing to Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body" in the episode "Marjorine". He showed off more dance moves at the end of "Hell on Earth 2006" during Satan's party, imitating Michael Jackson.

Singing and Music

Butters is often seen singing to himself, usually a song that goes, "Loo loo loo, I've got some apples / Loo loo loo, you've got some too." He is often cut off at that point. When he does finish, the ending is, "Loo loo loo, let's make some applesauce / Take off our clothes and loo loo loo." or, "Loo loo loo, let's get together / I know what we can do loo loo.", which, either way, could be a strange euphemism for sexual intercourse.

In the episode "The China Probrem" Butters sings, "Loo loo loo I've got some splish splash/ Loo loo loo splish splashing more". Making it seem that his song has changed, but this may be only because he was taking a bath while singing it.

In "The Losing Edge", Butters is in the outfield in baseball and is seen singing a song that goes, "I see a ladybug, hello little ladybug!", he may have been watching a ladybug in the grass while singing.

In "Something You Can Do With Your Finger", Butters auditions for "Fingerbang" by singing "Little Bunny Foo-Foo".

In "AWESOM-O" he sings about his robot friend in a song that resembles the theme song of The Courtship of Eddie's Father, and he seems fond of the Chicago ballad "If You Leave Me Now".

Apparently, Butters can also play the drums quite proficiently, as he is seen doing so for Cartman's Christian rock band "Faith + 1", featured in the episode "Christian Rock Hard".

In "You Got F'd in the A", in the flashback of the horrible accident Butters caused during the championship competition, the song Butters dances to is an upbeat, yet obviously risqué song entitled "I've Got Something In My Front Pocket For You", which features the lyrics, "Won't you reach into my pocket and see what it is / Then grab onto it, just for you / Give it a little squeeze and say 'How do you do'."

More recently, in the episode "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", Butters is heard singing a song while using the urinal in the boy's bathroom: "Hey there Mr. Weiner, whaddaya know / Do you need to tinkle tinkle? / Yes, I do think so".

In the episode "Cartman Sucks", Butters sings Joni Mitchell's song "Help Me" while playing with his army figurines.

We hear Butters singing from a tape recorder "Happy Trails To You" in character as a big Texas singer in "The Ungroundable".

Butters frequently sings the line from Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now" in the episode "Casa Bonita. "

Intelligence and Memory

Butters openly joins and helps with some of Cartman's schemes, and is usually shown doing well at it.

Butters is shown in "Christian Rock Hard" to be highly talented in mental calculation, instantly supplying the correct answer to a complicated math problem. The context suggests this is a talent of Butters's that is well known to the others. (He also tutors Stan, at his request, in "My Future Self n' Me" — although it isn't clear in which subject, possibly more than one.)

However, in "Go God Go", he did not realize that Cartman may die if frozen in snow for several weeks - he had to get Dougie to inform him of these facts. However, this may reflect his innocence, his deference to Cartman's judgment, or he is a Autistic savant and, while extremely talented in mathematical computation does not necessarily possess scientific or even commonplace knowledge.

In the episode "Professor Chaos", Butters was able to hack into The JumboTron in Coors Field so it showed him which shows he is proficient in I.T.

In the episode "Proper Condom Use", Butters was shown with good negotiation skills.


Butters has talked about how he likes cars and cars made by Porsche in "Raisins", and also liked Lexus. He also has sometimes been seen making models of cars, speficially in "You Got F'd in the A", and mentions he's going to build one with his dad in the "The China Probrem". He (acted) was an auto mechanic working on cars in "The Wacky Molestation Adventure".


Picture 11879000006988

Butters standing next to his graffitied name.

Butters is extremely adept in art and the show often makes examples of his abilities. In "A Very Crappy Christmas", Butters makes construction paper versions of the four boys for their animated Christmas short. Butters also shows his artistic talents in the episode "AWESOM-O", when he draws a picture of himself and his robot friend (Cartman). In "Kenny Dies", he sends a letter to Kenny in the hospital which contains a drawing of them both in an airplane with the words "ME AND MY FRIEND KENNY" written above. As well, in the episode "Toilet Paper" where the four boys get into trouble by their teacher, Stan claims that, "Art Class is for gaywads." Butters then prominently states that he loves art class. Briefly in the episode "It Hits the Fan" Kyle interrupts Butters tagging a building with his name in the style of a well practiced graffiti artist, which is strange because he could be charged with vandalism, as Butters is always seen worrying about following rules.  In "Casa Bonita" Butters shows the garbage dump worker a very accurate statue he made of Cartman out of garbage. In "Professor Chaos", Butters is shown using a sewing machine quite handily to make his cape for his alter ego.


He played with the rest of the boys, as the left fielder, on their baseball team in "The Losing Edge". He was number 99 on the dodgeball team in "Conjoined Fetus Lady". He is also seen playing football with the others in "Raisins". He has been shown several times to be somewhat weak physically. This might impact whatever sport skills he has.


In "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs", the boys shift the blame of writing a vulgar book on Butters, in the hopes to avoid punishment for creating something so disgusting. However, when the book becomes a success, Butters takes credit (beliving he did create it after having assorted blackouts after reading "The Catcher in the Rye") and goes on to write a second book entitled "The Poop That Took a Pee". Butter's style however is much more childish than that of the boys, as the extent of his vulgar language involves repeated use of the words "Pee-pee" and "Poop". However, due to people constantly over-analyzing things for what's not really there, the book becomes an instant success, at least until the book supposedly causes a man to kill the Kardashians.


Aside from speaking English, Butters is shown to understand at least one other language. In "Fatbeard", when Cartman asks residents of Somalia the location of the pirates, he asks Butters to ask them something, using a book to see how he would say the question in Somalian. When someone replies, Butters, while taking a quick glance at the book, can understand what the man is saying.


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List of Butters' Grounded Moments

  • The Boys performed liposuction on Butters.
  • Appearing on the Maury Povich Show with balls on his chin.
  • Saving Imaginationland when he was supposed to be helping his mother clean out the garage.
  • Grounded for causing his father to pour Rice-a-roni in his coffee.
  • Making (At least taking credit for) an explicid story from the episode The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs.


  • As revealed in Cartman Sucks, Butters's blood type is O.
  • Butters is shown as left handed in AWESOM-O, but in My Future Self n' Me and Quest for Ratings he is shown as right handed. This is either a continuity error or that Butters is ambidextrous.
  • His name is a play-on of the candy Butterscotch.
  • Being born on September 11 puts him under the zodiac sign, Virgo.
  • Butters was born on 9-11.
  • The creators have said in multiple DVD commentaries that Butters is one of their "top 3 favorite characters".
  • In the South Park season 6 intro until he was kicked out, Butters is seen holding a sign saying "The Butters show" over the South Park sign. After being kicked out, he is shown as Professor Chaos, knocking the sign down, before laughing maniacally.
  • Both Butters and Professor Chaos are playable characters in the Xbox Live arcade game "South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play". Butters is unlocked upon Level 4's completion while Professor Chaos requires an extremely secret unlock code. Both Butters and Chaos have different special abilities. (Butters tap dances in a circle killing anyone that come near him while Chaos causes electricity to fire everywhere.)
  • In the episode, Tonsil Trouble, Butters kissed Cartman on his cheek
  • Butters has a very deep, brilliant, phenomenal imagination and it was put to use to defeat the evil in "Imaginationland".
  • He plays left-field on the South Park little league baseball team. His dad is also the coach/manager.
  • Butters seems to be heavily competent with firearms, as revealed in "Fun With Veal" as he flips and pulls out the magizine of a G36 Rifle, but in "The China Problem" he can't he even handle a Glock 17 and isn't as competent; this is probably just a continuity error.
  • In Summer Sucks and Gnomes, an adult man was seen who looks just like Butters and could be assumed to be his father. However, creators decided to make a brown-haired High-And-Tight haircut man to be his father.
  • Butters first says "Pass it on" in Clubhouses, but his voice sound more like Craig's or Clyde's.
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