Butters' Creamy Goo was an athletic enhancement that was featured in the Season Sixteen episode, "Sarcastaball".


When Cartman desperately asks for Butters' help to become a better sarcastaball player, Butters shows him a closet filled of jars of his "creamy goo", which are, in reality, the semen from his nocturnal emissions. Cartman ingests a jar of the "creamy goo", and believes that it made him feel better. This method soon becomes popular among other team players. As its popularity increases, a sports drink named Butters' Creamy Goo is commercialized.

At the end, Stan offers the drink to Randy Marsh, to help him realize sarcastaball could be played sincerely. After drinking it, Randy immediately finds out that the drink is actually semen. As a result, Butters is grounded for selling his semen to other people.


  • After Cartman first drinks Butters' Creamy Goo, he describes the taste as a "Grapey, bleachy flavor."
  • During the commercials for "Creamy Goo", when the narrator says, "commitment", "compassion", and "comradery", he emphasizes the first syllable of each word, "cum", referencing the fact that it is semen.
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