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The disclaimer that appeared during the end credits.

  • This episode defends smokers, although both Trey Parker and Matt Stone are non-smokers (Stone admits that he used to be, but quit). They explained that they did the episode mostly because they think Rob Reiner is a "big fat ass", and because they were tired of loved ones being assaulted by people criticizing them for smoking.
  • Rob Reiner was previously criticized for "using children to pull at the heart strings of the public" in the episode "Gnomes", but this time a full episode is devoted to it.
  • When this episode first aired on Comedy Central, it ended after Cartman groaned over being grounded. All reruns and the DVD version include a short scene after that where Stan tells Kyle that the boys learned their lesson, but Kyle, upset over no one heeding his warning about avoiding the big showdown near the end, calmly mutters, "No, we didn't, dude. No we didn't" and walks away.
  • The promo for the episode shows Butters being peer pressured from the members of "Butt out!" but the scene doesn't appear in the episode. It can be seen here .
  • Cartman refers to the Kyle shying away from doing the commercial by calling him a liar and using the something called the Serbian Jew Double-Bluff.
  • Co-creator Trey Parker admits to a slight feeling of guilt in portraying Reiner so mercilessly, claiming he liked some of his earlier movies and was inspired by Spinal Tap to fuse music and comedy.
  • At the end, Cartman says "Aw, awww!" which is usually Stan's line.
  • During the credits, a special disclaimer was briefly shown, stating that this episode "depicts entirely fictional situations that are products of the writers' imaginations."
  • Rob Reiner and the "goo" had been used as part of the story in the "200"/"201" saga.
  • This is the second time Liane Cartman grounds Eric Cartman for three weeks, the first being in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
  • The boys can be seen playing with standard Bicycle red back cards after Cartman's commercial shoot.

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  • Cartman is seen to have good knowledge of the layout of the Broflovski's house. In the later episode "Tonsil Trouble", Cartman would tell Butters that he has sneaked into Kyle's room a lot of times.


  • This was the second South Park episode to claim that there was no evidence for secondhand smoke being a health hazard; however even at the time of airing, there were hundreds of studies that showed the opposite.
  • When Cartman praises Reiner at his camp after they flee the tobacco company, he is shown wearing gloves. However, they are gone in the next shot.
  • Sheila Broflovski's eyebrows disappear temporarily as she talks to Kyle at the end. They reappear when she becomes angry.
  • When the boys are smoking outside the school and Mr. Mackey is approaching, Stan says to 'throw them out'. However, he says this after everyone has already done so.

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