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The Busy Beaver Truck Driver is a character who first appear in Season Five episode "Butters' Very Own Episode".


He was seen taking Butters in his truck, after Butters got out of the car in which his mother, Linda, left him inside, intending to kill him. Butters was talking to him about a subject involving him and his friends, butters later starts singing a song about him and his family at Bennigan's. The Truck Driver, without taking it anymore, stops the truck in the middle of the road and puts Butters out without saying anything. He then gets back into his truck and leaves, leaving Butters alone.

He was seen in "Goobacks" as one of the angry rednecks with people of the future "taking their jobs".

His last appearance was in "Britney's New Look", where he is seen among the crowd of people taking pictures of Britney Spears.


He wears a red cap with the name "Bronx" in the middle and a black border. He also wears a white shirt with shoulder sleeves, a green belt with a gray buckle, blue jeans and black shoes. He has short brown hair and a thick brown beard.