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The Bully Girls are three unnamed characters who appeared as a Boss in South Park: The Stick of Truth.


The Bully Girls appear for the first time in Clyde's army when The Boys discover that He had taken the staff. Then they go to his house and find out what a great army he had. One of them is absent in this scene.

They are later seen bullying Annie Knitts in front of City Hall. They had stolen Annie's Justin Bieber toy with the intention of breaking it. However The New Kid appears and defeats the three, causing them to flee from him.

they are seen in the big fight of Clyde's army against Cartman and Kyle's armies. One of them appears above Clyde's fort along with a cyclops boy and has to be knocked down to continue. After Kenny's defeat, the three are briefly seen passed out at the end along with the rest of Clyde's army in the garden.


Bully girls are taller than 4th graders. They are probably in the 6th grade. For some strange reason, their appearance in the cutscenes is slightly different from their appearance during the game.



The Bully Girls are mean-spirited thugs who enjoy tormenting younger and weaker victims for their amusement, although they could easily be defeated by The New Kid, showing them to be weak themselves.


  • In the game files they are called "bully_rhat", "bullyhood" and "bullyband".
  • There is an unused character model in the game files called just "bullygirl". It is possible that this character would appear together with these three girls or could be just the beta of one of them. The character model appears to be just a copy of Tammy Warner however.