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  • The Buddha Box may be a parody of the Panasonic Wear Space, which is a device that is meant to be worn around the head to block out distractions.
  • The PC babies crying at the bathroom doors with "Men Only" and "Women Only" signs is a reference to millenials who are opposed to sex segregated bathrooms, claiming it excludes those who identify as transgender or non-binary and led to the creation of all gender public bathrooms in many stores and restaurants in recent years.
  • The PC babies crying at the teacher holding a copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a reference to some school districts banning the book due to its language and discussion of race that millennials have deemed offensive.[1][2]
  • The PC Babies write a song about "The Injustice of White People in Dreadlocks". When in fact, every culture throughout History has had them, including Celtic, German & Nordic societies. [3] In other words, it's literally impossible to "Culturally Appropriate" them.
  • According to the South Park twitter account, the sound engineer who records the PC babies songs is named Bruce and is based on South Park producer, Bruce Howell.[4]

This is the third episode to use the crying sound of Baby Kate from Arthur. The first one being Merry Christmas Charlie Manson! and the second being The Problem with a Poo

References to Popular Culture

  • The therapist and Cartman reference Black Panther as it's what Cartman thinks all his recent problems link to.
  • The PC Babies song sequence parodies the 2018 Muppet Babies opening, the logo and accompanying track being close to the song it satires.
  • The Harvey Weinstein scandal[5] was referenced by PC Principal.
  • The Hindu greeting "Namaste" is misunderstood by Cartman to mean "fuck you"; in reality the term means "I bow to the divine in you" and is commonly misunderstood in popular culture.
  • Inside WXFU, a poster of musician Brad Paisley can be seen hanging on the wall across from the receptionist.
  • The song Today by Brad Paisley is used in the closing scenes.
  • Cartman mentions the movie Creed II, which was released a week before the original airing of this episode.
  • Cartman mentions the television show,B.J. and the Bear while at the group therapy session.


  • Cartman references previous episodes in the season; "Dead Kids" with the school shootings and Black Panther not being a great film, "The Scoots" with the WiFi scooters as well as "Time To Get Cereal" and "Nobody Got Cereal?" regarding ManBearPig being real.
  • The PC babies are again used to reference the Snowflake Generation; a term used to describe recent generations of those who are easily offended in their political correctness.
  • Harvey Weinstein and his scandals were previously referenced in season 21's "Franchise Prequel" and "Sons A Witches".
  • Pi Pi's Splashtown is shown again in this episode. It was last seen in season 13's "Pee".
  • During the ending segment of the episode, PC Principal and Strong Woman visit the ski resort in Aspen, which was last seen in season 6's "Asspen". In addition, some of the characters from that episode can be briefly seen in the background, though they have a Buddha Box over their heads.
    • Two of the males who protested in front of the youth center (one in a red and yellow jacket and the other with a grey jacket holding a "Save Our Center" sign) during Montage can be seen riding together on the ski lift.
    • Tad Mikowski can be seen the background as PC Principal and Strong Woman practice skiing with the PC babies. Later, he is standing in the background with a large group of skiers.
    • Thumper, Randy Marsh, Sharon Marsh, Gerald Broflovski, Linda Stotch and Stephen Stotch, as well as some of the children who protested in front of the youth center in Montage, can be seen standing among the large crowd looking at their phones.
  • Inside WXFU, posters for Tween Wave bands Gersploosh, Hell Yeeh Neggie, Sepa Groove and Shlem can be seen hanging on the walls next to the elevator. These were last seen in Randy's mancave in season 15's "You're Getting Old".
  • Bruce, the sound engineer who records the PC Babies' song, previously appeared in Season Four's "A Very Crappy Christmas" and Season Twelve's "Britney's New Look".
  • During the group therapy session, Cartman brings up the television series B.J. and The Bear. He had previously referenced the series by calling Kenny McCormick "B.J. McKay and his best friend, Bear", in Season Thirteen's "The Ring".


  • When Cartman crosses the street, the store signs and crosswalk signals are backwards.
    • This was later fixed in the uncensored version.
  • When PC Principal leaves after trying to give Strong Woman a Buddha Box, Strong Woman's hair bun disappears.
  • The poster for Shlem inside WXFU is backwards.
  • When Cartman bumps into Craig in the bathroom, some words have been changed. This can be seen when comparing the final episode with the scene that was published on South Park Studios' YouTube channel.


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