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The Buca De Faggoncini Chef is the head chef of Buca De Faggoncini. He speaks with a distinctive Italian accent.


The chef dresses in a traditional chef's uniform and is often seen holding a rolling pin.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The head chef is fought during The Bowels of the Beast mission. He has the ability to heal himself and one other chef during the battle.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Enemy
Head Chef Information
Tb buccaheadchef.png Health Stats mc health.png 280
Move Stats mc movement.png 2
Immunities None
List of abilities
Ability Range Effect Status
Chefhead power3.png
Hits the target three times with a rolling pin
Melee.png 32 Damage (Cas.)
64 Damage (Hero.)
80 Damage (Mast.)
112 Damage (Dia.)
Chefhead power1.png
Flings a pizza cutter
3 range st los.png 26 Damage (Cas.)
52 Damage (Hero.)
65 Damage (Mast.)
91 Damage (Dia.)
Chefhead power2.png
Heals himself and one other chef
Roomwide heal.png 80 Heal None


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