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Bruce is an audio engineer who records audio for the boys, Britney Spears and the PC Babies. He first appears in "A Very Crappy Christmas". He later appears in "Britney's New Look" with an updated design.


He first appears in "A Very Crappy Christmas" to help the boys' record dialogue for their film. As Kyle and Cartman start to insult each other, Bruce laughs and suggests that they should add those lines into the script.

In "Britney's New Look", he appears in the recording studio to help Britney Spears record a new single, despite losing most of her upper head after a failed suicide. Stan and Kyle watch as she attempts to sing, only to hear everyone else in the room insult her. Bruce says that Britney is stupid due to her struggling to pronounce words before Stan points out that she's missing the top portion of her head. He continues to laugh at how stupid she is and then calls her fat as well.

In "Buddha Box", he appears with the Spinny Mountain Records Producer to help the PC Babies record a new song. He begins the recording as the babies play random notes on their instruments while thrashing about and crying. A few seconds in, Bruce and the producer give each other a high five, believing that they have a hit single.


In "A Very Crappy Christmas", he had light brown hair and wore a black t-shirt with "95.2 ROCKS. KMetal" across the chest, blue jeans and a pair of headphones.

In his redesign, he has longer and darker brown hair tied into a ponytail. He wears a teal-colored unbuttoned short sleeve dress shirt with a green undershirt and grey jeans.


  • Bruce's name was confirmed via the South Park Twitter account during the live tweet for "Buddha Box". It was also revealed in the same tweet that he is based on South Park producer, Bruce Howell.[3]