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Broflovski and Jackson is a law firm and the workplace of Gerald Broflovski. It first appeared in Season Three episode "Spontaneous Combustion".


  • "Spontaneous Combustion" - Three women filed a lawsuit against Randy Marsh, as his idea of farting to prevent spontaneous combustion created a hole in the ozone layer, which led to the women being diagnosed with skin cancer.
  • "Sexual Harassment Panda" - Gerald Broflovski makes a advertising to hire he for sexual harassment cases.
  • "HUMANCENTiPAD" - Kyle runs to his dad to ask about agreeing to Apple terms which he did not read, before being taken away by Apple representatives. Gerald was also tasered by the representatives on site.



The law firm is a two-floor building that is cyan in color. It bears the sign "Brovlofski and Jackson Attorneys at Law" (The word "Brovlofski" is misspelled) above the entrance.


In "Spontaneous Combustion", Gerald's office bears a khaki-colored wall. It has a red desk, with a large bookshelf, at least two brown sofas, a few cabinets, and a picture of the Broflovski family hung up on the wall. Behind the desk is a window with a mountain view.

In "HUMANCENTiPAD", the office has a blue carpet flooring. Its wall are brown in color and decorated with some of Gerald's certificates, with four built-in bookshelves. A wooden desk placed in front of the bookshelves contains Gerald's desk name plate, individual portraits of the Broflovski family, a computer monitor with its CPU placed at the side and a green lamp. To the right side of the office lays a wooden cabinet with a white lamp and a balance scale placed on top.