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"Broadway Bro Down"
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Episode no. Season 15
Episode 11
Guest stars Travis Oates
Production no. 1511
Original airdate October 26, 2011
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"Broadway Bro Down" is the eleventh episode of Season Fifteen, and the 220th overall episode of South Park. It aired on October 26, 2011.[1]


After Randy takes Sharon to see a hit musical, he becomes Broadway's biggest fan.[1]


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Randy Marsh is informed by his co-workers, that Broadway shows cause their wives to become so sexually aroused, they will spontaneously give them 'blow-jobs'. After this, Randy takes Sharon to see Wicked and is confused and unimpressed with the lack of overt sexuality. Randy gets up during the play to get a drink, and at the bar, a man tells Randy that there is 'subtext' that he should listen for. When Randy re-enters the play he hears the male actors subtly inserting 'blowjob' into their singing. On the ride home Sharon commences fellatio. Randy then decides to take Sharon to see Broadway shows in New York City for the weekend while leaving Stan and Shelley with the Feegans, South Park's resident life-preserver wearing vegans. During their dinner with the Feegans, Shelley gets into a confrontation with Mr. Feegan over letting his son Larry decide for himself if he wants to be a vegan. This results in Larry's falling in love with Shelley and discarding his family's lifestyle.

Returning to South Park, Randy meets up with his friends and co-workers to tell them about his experience. He laments the fact that he does not live closer to Broadway and that he has already taken Sharon to see Wicked 23 times. In a moment of inspiration, Randy realizes he can write South Park's own Broadway musical. However, it becomes quickly apparent that subtext is lost on Randy as he named his play "Splooge-Drenched Blowjob Queen" and all lyrics openly mention blowjobs. This attracts the attention of the Broadway Bros: Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Schwartz, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Elton John as they chastise Randy for the overt use of sexuality in his play, explaining to him that the lack of any real subtext would expose the truth behind Broadway shows. But Randy refuses to listen to their reason as he continues setting up his musical production until his friends come to tell him that Sondheim wants to "bro-down" with him. Randy goes outside to bro-down Sondheim and the two come to the realization that they respect each other, so they "bro-out" and party at Hooters while the Broadway experts offer to help Randy with his musical, renamed The Woman in White.

Once finished drinking, Randy returns home to Sharon telling him that she gave Shelley two tickets to see Wicked with Larry. Randy, instantly upset, yells at Sharon to get in the car and he takes off towards Denver. In the car ride, Randy explains the truth of the Broadway shows to Sharon, who was skeptical about it until realizing the connection. When they get to Denver, Randy enters the theater and tries to get Shelley to leave. She ignores him as the ushers arrive to throw him out, forcing Randy to take matters into his own hands by breaking into a nearby costume shop and stealing a Spider-Man costume. Randy proceeds to swing around the theater, ruining enough of the stage that the play is canceled. Unfortunately, Randy also hit a water pipe that flooded the theater, and Larry, who had discarded his life preserver, drowned. Later, unaware of her father being the man in the Spider-Man costume, Shelley cries in her bed as Randy tries to make her feel better. Soon after, Randy apologizes to Sharon for tricking her before; she responds that she does not really mind because she got so much out of the plays. If it was something they both enjoyed and brought them closer together, then musicals are kind of a good thing. The couple wonders what show would be coming to South Park next, at which point an advertisement for The Book of Mormon plays.


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