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Britney Jean Spears is an American singer and songwriter. She first appeared as an animated character in the Season Seven episode, "Christian Rock Hard", and had a much larger role in "Britney's New Look".


Britney technically made her first South Park appearance in the episode, "The Succubus", the optometrist shows Eric Cartman a picture of Spears and a picture of Carmen Electra and asks him to say which one looks better. Cartman selected Electra over Spears. Spears was next seen in the episode, "Christian Rock Hard" as one of the artists supporting the strike against illegal music downloading. Due to illegal downloading, Britney found herself unable to purchase a private plane with a remote control system, and the loss was apparently devastating for her.


Britney Spears before shooting her face off in "Britney's New Look".

Britney's most prominent role however was in "Britney's New Look". Due to years of abuse from the tabloid media, Spears attempts to hide in South Park and recover. However, after footage is shot of her peeing on a ladybug, she slowly starts to lose grip on herself, feeling at a loss for why everyone wants to hate her so much. She is finally pushed over the edge by the Boys who try and force her to take a picture of her pooping on a squirrel.

She offers them an alternative picture and proceeds to shoot her own head off with a shotgun. She survives, though the top of her head is missing, and Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski offer to help her any way that they can. To their bewilderment, however, Britney's manager forces her to make another record and perform at the MTV music awards, where Britney is continued to be insulted and ridiculed by the world following a poor live performance (which was primarily caused her disfigurement). Hating to see Britney so broken down, Stan and Kyle try and escort her to the North Pole in the hopes of getting her away from the media. However, they are chased down into an empty field where it seems everyone has gathered so as to finally finish off Spears.

It is revealed that the entire population has intentionally built-up Spears as an icon, so as to sacrifice her for good corn harvest. However, unlike in the early days where they killed the sacrifice themselves, they instead use the media to push the girl over the edge and thus end her own life. They then proceed to take photos of her until at last she dies. A poster featuring Spears appears at a ticket booth in the episode, "The Ring", showing her with the top of her head again, although this may just be a poster for a past concert. Britney, however, is shown to be alive again (although still missing the top of her head), as a background character in the episode "200", in which she joins with other celebrities to get revenge on South Park for all the mocking and abuse they suffered.


In "The Succubus", she was shown wearing a gray, button-up sweater and a white tank-top. In "Christian Rock Hard", she was shown wearing a red tank-top, a gold bracelet on her left wrist, a blue miniskirt, and copious amounts of makeup. In "Britney's New Look" her character design is revised and she appears with broader shoulders and a larger head. She now wore a multi-colored tank-top, tan hat, and tan, white-striped "short shorts". After attempting suicide, she wore a gray coat, a white shirt, and a black skirt. Later in the episode, she began wearing her pre-suicide clothes again.


In, "Britney's New Look", she was depressed and suicidal because of the media refusing to leave her alone. This, along with her trivial sadness in "Christian Rock Hard", could mean that she is easily saddened and emotionally troubled.



  • Kenny references Spears in the South Park Theme from seasons seven to ten, in his muffled line, "Someday I'll be old enough to stick my dick up Britney's butt!".
  • Shelly Marsh is shown to be a fan of her in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, wherein she cites owning Britney Spears records.
  • In the episode "The Hobbit", her 2013 lead single "Work Bitch" is parodied as "Work Slut", when the girls use Photoshop and computers to enhance their appearance to make them look prettier.


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