Brimmy is a 4th grader at South Park Elementary. He has remained a background character since the first season and still appears often in the show. Naturally, as a background character, he is mostly mute and seldom speaks. He was also left unnamed, generally referred to by the conjectural title, "boy with blue cap", until his name was ultimately revealed to be Brimmy in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Despite being a background character, he also has an "advertisement" for the FAQ on South Park Studios.


Despite having been the boys' classmate since 3rd grade, the closest time of his voice being heard was a short grunt of pain after being hit by a dodgeball in "Conjoined Fetus Lady". He can be seen yelling "Yeah!" in "Quest for Ratings", however, his voice is lost among the crowd. He eventually got his first full speaking appearance in South Park: The Fractured But Whole as one of the boys inside Raisins. His voice sounds like a hybrid between Kyle and Clyde's voices. He appears as a background character numerous times throughout the show, especially in hallway scenes and on the playground.

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In "Skank Hunt", Isla breaks up with Brimmy due to the conflict between the boys and the girls.


Brimmy wears clothes that are very similar to Craig's usual garb, he wears grey trousers, a blue coat and a blue cap with a yellow brim. Several other unnamed background characters can be seen with similar appearances to Brimmy, having different colored clothing. Underneath his hat, as shown in "Super Fun Time", he has shoulder-length, wavy blond hair.


  • The South Park crew refers to this character as "Kid A", since he was one of the first background characters created when production of the series switched from paper to computers.
  • Brimmy is spotted in the third grade classroom in the episode "Gnomes", sitting next to Pip Pirrip and Token Black.
  • Brimmy bears a resemblance to the Girl with Blonde Hair; the two both have very similar clothing and have identical hair.
  • Brimmy is one of the characters to have their first speaking role in a video game, the other being Pete Melman.


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