Bridon Gueermo first appeared in the episode "Elementary School Musical". He is a parody of Zac Efron's character Troy Bolton from High School Musical.


Bridon attends South Park Elementary. He gained great popularity due to his singing and dancing abilities. In fact, it is stated by Bebe Stevens that Bridon has seen "High School Musical 3" over 100 times, which apparently makes him a huge favorite among the girls, who all have a crush on him. The boys seem to like him equally as much, due to the fact that he is such a great singer. However, although he has great theatrical abilities, what he really wants is to play basketball as he later confesses to Stan Marsh, who dislikes the musical craze and the attention that his girlfriend Wendy shows toward Bridon.

Despite being popular and talented, his family life is obviously an abusive one. He also has a crazed, effeminate, theater-obsessed father, who forces him to sing and dance every moment of the day, even during normal conversations, and who is appalled by the thought of him playing basketball. Whenever Bridon attempt to talk to his dad about quitting musical theater, his father would threaten to slap him (in a horribly weak and feminine manner). His mother meanwhile did what she could to protect Bridon, but usually suffered the brunt of her husband's anger.

After Mr. Gueermo assaults not only the basketball coach but also Mr. Mackey and two agents from Child Protective Services, Bridon finally gets to the point where he attempts to run away from home. However, his father attempts to stop him and proceeds to once again threaten Bridon with a slapping. Fed up with his father, Bridon stands up to him, by punching him in the nose. Never having suffered such violence before, Mr. Gueermo is confused and horrified as he clutches his bleeding nose, and rushes to his wife's side. She, however, having never considered striking back against her husband, finally stands up for herself as well by punching Mr. Gueermo several additional times.

Bridon then joins the basketball team, where he proves to be one of the star players. His parents apparently remain together despite the domestic violence, although his father is initially unhappy at being there. However, Mr. Gueermo soon discovers that he enjoys the cheering aspect of sports, possibly resulting in reconciliation for the family, as seen in "201", when the entire Gueermo family is seen huddled together, clutching one another on the roof of the Park County Community Center, during Mecha-Streisand's rampage.


He has shaggy dark brown hair, and is seen wearing a blue shirt with blue jeans. He also wears a red bracelet and has black shoes.


Bridon seemed perpetually depressed due to his father's abuse, however, after he stood up for himself and joined the basketball team, his depressed state disappeared and he appeared to be happy.


  • Though he was portrayed to be like Zac Efron's character "Troy Bolton" in the High School Musical trilogy, Bridon's story is a complete reversal of Troy's. In HSM, Troy wanted to sing and dance while his father and friends wanted him to play basketball because that's what he does. Bridon however wants to play basketball but his father (primarily) and friends want him to keep dancing and singing.
  • Despite the fact that Wendy and the other girls all have crushes on Bridon and give him great amounts of attention, he does not seem particularly interested in them and is even unhappy about having to work with Wendy during the musical as opposing leads. This could mean he either has no sexual interest, or he's secretly gay.
  • Bridon's family name "Gueermo" sounds suspiciously like "Queer-mo", possibly due to his father's flamboyant and feminine behaviour.
  • Despite the fact Bridon is in the 3rd grade, he still manages to burst into the 4th-grade classroom, during class time to join in Wendy's musical number.
  • He is one of the 2 boys in the series that all the girls in the series are in love with, the other being The New Kid.


  • "Elementary School Musical" - His first appearance. Bridon was a singer that was abused by his father to sing and dance, but really just wanted to be on the basketball team.
  • "201" - Appears with his family on-top of the community center, hiding from Mecha-Streisand.
  • "Butterballs" - Seen in Stan's anti-bullying video.


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