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Brian Thompson-Jarvis is a character who appears in the Season Ten episode, "Smug Alert!".


Brian can be seen at the house warming party for Kyle Broflovski's family's new home in San Francisco, he is one of the first attendees as his parents bring him into the living room. After more people arrive at the party, he is sent to Kyle's room along with several other kids, where he and the other children from San Francisco offer Kyle and his brother tabs of acid. He explains that it is the only thing that allows them to deal with their parents being so self-righteous all the time, before Mr. Broflovski walks in and demonstrates exactly what Brian was talking about, convincing Kyle to take acid.


Brian has long, messy curly brown hair and wears a blue, green, orange and purple short-sleeved shirt with four designs of weird colored creatures in the middle, blue shorts and brown flip flops. He also had a necklace. He is taller than the 4th graders, he looks about the same height as Shelly Marsh.