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Brian Jeffries was an aide to Hillary Clinton who appeared in Season Eleven episode "The Snuke".


While en route to Clinton's presidential campaign rally, Brian Jeffries reported to Clinton that there is a possibility of a terrorist attack during the rally, and recommended that the event be cancelled. Clinton rejected the option, and pushed with the event anyway. Brian would eventually learn from the CIA that a bomb (also known as a snuke) had been stashed up Clinton's vagina.

Brian later volunteers to disarm the snuke manually. As he approaches the snuke, he was attacked and beheaded, with his body spat out.

He is later seen in "More Crap" among the guests attending Randy's award ceremony for "biggest crap ever taken".


Brian Jeffries has a buzz-cut black hair. He wears a black suit with red tie, along with a pair of round-framed glasses.


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