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H. Brian Griffin is a main character from the animated sitcom Family Guy. He is the talking pet of the Griffin family and appears in both Cartoon Wars episodes. He is voiced by Dave Tennant.[1]


Brian appears on Family Guy with the rest of the Griffin family on an episode featuring Muhammad which the town of South Park as well as the Middle East is in panic about. The Boys go to Kyle's house to see a recording of the episode and see Peter creating multiple 'cutaway gags' when the family constantly asks him questions about him inviting his ex-girlfriend from high-school to dinner. When Lois says she doesn't want to cook for them Peter says they can just have tea instead of having dinner, Brian asks if it would be like the time he had tea with Muhammad, causing another cutaway gag.

Brian later appears in another scene where him and Peter are seen on a street. Peter tells him that something was like the time he got a job as a carrot cake, Sheila catches the show playing in her living room and calls Gerald to do something about it, in which he arrives with a bat and begins bashing the television set to bits.


Brian appears in South Park's version of Family Guy's art style. On South Park he is a gray Labrador Retriever with black ears and has a dark blue collar with a rectangular golden tag.

In Family Guy, Brian has white fur with his ears matching as well as a red collar with a round golden tag in Family Guy, to comply with copyright laws these were all changed in South Park.


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