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Brian Boyant is an insurance salesman for GEICO who appeared in the Season Nineteen episode, "Sponsored Content".


In "Sponsored Content", Boyant attempts to bribe Jimmy to place GEICO insurance advertisements in the Super School News paper for $26,000,000. When Jimmy refuses, Brian threatens Jimmy with a gun and tries to enforce the advertisements. Officer Barbrady, now just a civilian, rescues Jimmy by shooting Boyant in the back of the head, killing him.

In the following episode, "Truth and Advertising", Brian's name and former occupation was revealed. Prior to working with GEICO, Boyant was a newsman for WXNR in Fort Collins.


Brian Boyant wears a gray suit consisting of gray pants, a gray coat, a blue shirt, and a blue and black tie. He has a pen in his left-breast pocket. He has brown hair, brown eyebrows, and large ears.


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