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Brett is a clerk who works the front desk of the EvGames video game store who appears in the Season Eleven episode "Guitar Queer-O".


After Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski play a game of Guitar Hero together, Stan goes to EvGames to buy some game guides for it. Brett, the clerk who works the front desk of the store, offers Stan a game called Heroin Hero, which causes Stan to become addicted to the game and unable to play Guitar Hero. After Stan ends up blowing his chance of breaking one million points in Guitar Hero, he goes back to the store. Brett offers him Rehab Hero, but Stan tells him that he just wants a simple driving game and Brett sells him Cross Country Cruiser.


Brett has short brown hair, brown eyebrows, and some facial stubble. He wears a red and white shirt with his name tag on the left side and an EvGames card hanging around his neck as well as black pants and black shoes. He also appears to be slightly heavy, as his stomach appears bulging out his shirt slightly.