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  • Kenny and Kyle don't have large speaking roles in this episode, despite Kyle's often-shown hatred for Cartman. Kyle only has one line, and Kenny has none.
  • This episode aired in October, which in the United States is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It also reflects the trend of immature boys to mock the efforts, as it is associated with breasts.
  • A black-haired version of Bradley and a blonde-haired version of Bill are seen just before the fight.

References to Popular Culture

  • The fight scene between Cartman and Wendy, as well as the music, is a direct parody of the ending boxing match from the film Snatch.
  • After the fight, Wendy sits on the ground next to Cartman who lies face down in blood. Mr. Mackey approaches and says "Wendy?" to which she replies "I'm finished". This is a reference to the final scene of the film There Will Be Blood.


  • Despite the events in "The List", Wendy and Bebe are shown to once again be friends in this episode.
  • This is the second episode since "The List" to reference Stan and Wendy's rekindled relationship, the first being "Super Fun Time". Cartman references their relationship, saying "You're my bro, and she's your bitch." The Red Goth also mentions their relationshop.
  • Cartman has been involved in a fight before, in "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", where he managed to fight his opponent pretty well, whereas in this fight he didn't.


  • During Wendy and Cartman's fight, Cartman's face was shown to be bloodied a few frames before Wendy smashed his head into the metal bars.
  • After the fight, the Boy with Blue Cap periodically switches sides during angle shifts.
  • At the moments when Cartman gets punched and the kids were cheering Butters was cheering seen at the very left side and then angle shifts to Butters by Token and the other kid, Butters put together his hands by his face.
  • At the begginning Butters supported Cartman for the fight against Wendy but then during the fight Butters then supported Wendy, when he said "Fuck him[Cartman] up Wendy!". He could have just change sides.
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