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Bradley was Butters' "Acountabilibuddy" at Camp New Grace in "Cartman Sucks". He got himself and Butters in trouble by having a men's underwear catalog in his room. After Butters, not getting what he meant, said he 'like-liked' him, he admitted having "bad thoughts" about their friendship. Bradley tried to commit suicide by attempting to jump off a bridge later in the episode, saying he was incapable of being cured. After Butters gives his speech, he gets down safely.

During the Season Seventeen intro, Bradley can be seen fishing off the bridge with the counselor from Camp New Grace as the school bus passes.


Bradley has poofy, blond hair. Bradley wears the standard Camp New Grace t-shirt and light brown pants.


Bradley is timid and mutters random bible verses to himself about homosexuality. He often has his hand by his mouth and can be usually seen biting his fingernails.


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