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For other uses, see Bradley (Disambiguation).
For other uses, see Davis (Disambiguation).

Brad Davis is a professional thief who appears in the Season Twelve episode "About Last Night...".


Brad Davis appears as a member of a thief organization run by Barack Obama who plans to steal the Hope Diamond from the White House. During the actual heist, Barack Obama breaks into the Smithsonian Natural History Museum via the Presidential tunnel, only to find out that the museum's laser system has been replaced with a newer optic relay. Davis is then instructed by Michelle Obama to retrieve her a fortrans emitter and pulse drives, in order to break through the new system. After Barack Obama successfully retrieves the Hope Diamond, Davis works with Timothy Neely in patching up the hole which Barack broke through. At the end of the episode, he, along with the other members of the thief club, fake their deaths and leave for paradise.


Brad Davis has short dark brown hair, brown eyebrows, and a unshaven beard.

He wears two different outfits during the episode. For most of the episode, he wears a black striped shirt, brown pants, and brown shoes. He carries a watch on his left wrist.

At the airport at the end of the episode, he wears a plain white shirt, pink striped pants, black sneakers, and a pair of grey-tinted sunglasses. He carries a small black sling bag.


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