The Boy with the Green Coat appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Faith Hilling" where he and his friends were seen taking photos of him in front of Café Monet doing a popular meme called, "Taylor Swifting". He was later seen encouraging Stan Marsh to perform a combination of two memes, "Taylor Swifting" and "Oh Long Johnsoning" in front of the same cafe.


The Boy with the Green Coat has short brown hair with buzzed sides. He wears black shoes, gray pants, a white shirt, and a green hooded jacket.

In "Raising the Bar", his attire was changed slightly. In addition to his usual attire, he wore a blue Disney cap with Mickey Mouse ears and a Disneyland patch on his coat.


Video Games

He makes a short appearance in South Park: The Stick of Truth, in a cutscene in the Giggling Donkey tavern.

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