The Boy with the C Cap is a background character in South Park. He occasionally appears in the background throughout the show, mostly in large crowds, at parties, field trips, or in the school hallways. He appears in the background of "Tweek vs. Craig", watching the fight between Tweek Tweak and Craig Tucker. In "Funnybot" he is seen sleeping in Jimmy Valmer's comedy awards.

His name remains unknown and he has yet to have any speaking roles.


He wears gray-brown pants, black shoes, a blue button-down shirt with a collar, red gloves, brown hair and a red baseball cap with a black brim and the letter C on it. Sometimes in his cameos, the C on his cap is missing.



  • Early in the show's run, he was known by fans as "Redcap". Nowadays, he's mostly referred to as just "C Cap".
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