The Box of Faith was only seen in "Royal Pudding". It is a special box that every Canadian has, containing a sandwich, a location beacon, a sword, a helmet, and a first aid kit. The box also has a video of the Prime Minister of Canada instructing every Canadian to meet at the tree in Edmonton. Canadians can only open it in case their country is in grave danger; as told on the label, otherwise they are, as the Prime Minister calls them, "a dick". Ike Broflovski, being the only child in South Park Colorado from Canada, takes up his special box and arms himself in the style of a Role-Playing Video Game. He journeys on a quest to save the Princess of Canada as she was being held hostage by the nasty Tooth Decay.

Box of Faith Video Instructions

"Hello there, my noble, strong, fellow Canadians. If you are watching this film strip, then no doubt Canada is in grave danger. As you know, the very heart of Canada is the Royal Family. If you have been ordered to open your Box of Faith, then one or more of the Royal Family must be in peril. Or else you just opened your Box of Faith and are watching this without being told to, in which case you are a dick. If you have indeed been instructed to open the box, then this is a call to arms! All Canadians in fighting condition are asked to meet by the tree in Edmonton. In your Box of Faith, you will find all the items you need: a location beacon, a first-aid kit, and a sandwich. You may eat the sandwich now. Good luck, Canadian citizen, and God help. All of Canada is relying on you."


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