The Book Mobile Driver was a character who appears in the Season Two episode, "Chickenlover".


He was the flamboyant operator of The Booktastic Bus, where he frequently refers to reading as "magic", hoping to inspire individuals to read books. He taught Officer Barbrady on how to read through a series of clues left in his books. Through the clues, the driver was revealed to be the serial rapist of chickens called the "Chickenlover". He was later killed by Barbrady after Barbrady strikes him on the head with his police club.

Criminal record

  • Bestiality: In "Chickenlover", he molested and raped numerous chickens.


He had large ginger hair with a mustache and a small goatee. He wore a purple top with a rainbow vest and a white cape with rainbows. He also wore purple bell bottoms adorned with a rainbow design on each leg.


He was a very eccentric and flowery individual, who was highly passionate about the wonders of reading and took great enjoyment in teaching others about reading. However, he was also very sexually disturbed, as he molested numerous chickens, meaning he engaged in bestiality, something he saw as perfectly natural and acceptable, despite the disgusting and illegal nature of such behavior. Owing further to this dementia, the fact that he used this practice to make Barbrady more literate highly suggests a self righteous "ends-justify-the-means" kind of mindset, for which he ultimately receives his comeuppance at the expense of his own life.


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