The Book Depository is where Mr. Garrison tried to assassinate TV hostess Kathie Lee Gifford.


He was trying to kill her over having lost a National Talent Show Finals while they were children. She is town to give a televised speech for the Save Our Fragile Planet news report. Mr. Garrison is now bitter of Kathie's success while he became a third grade public school teacher. Buying his rifle at Jimbo's Guns no one in town is suspicious of him even if his plans are obvious. Mr. Garrison goes to the Book Depository on the suggestion of Officer Barbrady which is across the street from the presentation. Mrs. Gifford arrives to the stage in a bullet-proof dome to which Mr. Garrison quips, "Looks like I'm not the only one to think of killing Kathie Lee."


  • The Book Depository is a reference to the President Kennedy assassination in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald.
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